Personality is the organizing principle that influences all aspects of people's lives. It drives the way people gather information, make decisions, and interact with others. It determines people's work habits, stress points, and responses to change and conflict. Most importantly, however, personality points toward people's unique giftedness, strengths, and competencies. Based on the work of Hay House author and radio personality Dr. Carol Ritberger, who developed the Personality Color IndicatorTM, Tracy offers one-on-one life coaching sessions and half-day or full-day customized color workshops for many different purposes and settings. Color workshops are a great professional development opportunity for businesses and organizations seeking to create high functioning work teams by building insight and awareness among staff members. They're also perfect for retreats, conferences, or other events where the goal is personal growth and development. Learn more about the four color personality types, our color training sessions and four color coaching opportunities.


Create the Life You Imagine | Full-Day Retreat






A full day retreat designed to help you create the life you imagine.  This retreat provides an opportunity for you to spend the day with Tracy learning about the color of your personality, discovering the connections between your mind, body and spirit, and learning how to use your intuition to guide you toward a life that fills your heart and soul. This program of teaching, music, body awareness, and reflection will renew your spirit and provide insights for health, healing, balance and growth. This program is a great introduction to the SEND program, and can be tailored for groups and organizations of all kinds.

"Wow! How productive a few short hours can be when you are focused and given direct steps in learning how to create intention in your life. Tracy Flynn Bowe's "Create the Life you Imagine" workshop provides the steps you need to make your dreams come true, you just need to attend with an open mind and heart. What an incredible afternoon of tears, laughter and a whole lot of intention!"
         Lynn Grueneich
         President of the Alexandria Area
         Business & Professional Women's Organization


Life Lessons from The Land Beyond Forever: Life without Ending and Love without Boundaries



The Land Beyond Forever is not just a children's book. and it is not a book about death. This book is about life without endings and love without boundaries. It is a spiritual lesson book that includes death as part of our spirirtual journey. In this inspirational talk the book's author, Tracy Flynn Bowe, shares Seven Life Lessons From the Land Beyond Forever. Although we often learn our lessons on the edges of life, these lessons are for everyday living. These lessons transform grief as they call us to look at life and death with softer eyes. In that softer space we can see that we are always connected and that each life is a gift of spirit. In that softer space we can see the Divine Light of God at work in the world and lovingly give birth to that light in others and ourselves. In that softer space we can continue our connection with those that have passed, and enter deeply into the spiritual Mystery of Life. Contact us today to arrange a workshop, keynote talk or presentation for your organization or upcoming event.


SEND Program: Spiritual, Emotional, Intuitive Development





Discover how you can grow in your life, work, relationships, and creative processes. Come remember who you really are and reconnect with your divine meaning and purpose. The SEND program is a process of integrated personal and spiritual development organized around seven experiential learning modules designed to lead participants into a deep and compassionate understanding of Self and toward an awareness of the unique gifts they have to offer in service to others. Learn more.

Create the Life You Imagine | Stage Performance





Through a powerful stage performance filled with storytelling, teaching, music and dance, the all three sisters teach from their own life experiences and share powerful tools for creating lives of meaning and passion. They encourage people to remember that their lives matter and to connect with the power of love, hope and joy. This show feeds the heart and soul. Contact us today to sponsor this event near you.

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