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Stepping Stones

The Call - Week Four

The spiritual journey begins with the simple question, “Who Am I.” This question opens the communication between you and your soul and activates the journey to connect with your deepest Self and your highest possibilities. This question sets the journey in motion. If we can find the courage to trust our intuition and to answer the call by taking those first few steps, we will find ourselves on a mystical and mythic journey that will truly call us home. Finding our home is finding that center within ourselves where we know that we are always safe, always connected, and always participating in a divine dance in the universe with God. Home is the place where we can be fully and authentically ourselves knowing that we are dancing in a cosmic stream of love and light. Home is the place where we can rest and play and create and love without fear. Home is where we remember who we are. This is the journey you have begun. And when you touch that place, when you travel from Oz to Om, you will say like Dorothy, “there is no place like home.”

Weekly Stepping Stones

What experiences have you had in your life when you have touched this deeper place? Where or when have you caught a glimmer of your soul self? What parts of you are afraid to begin this journey? What would have to change in your life if you really decided to answer the call?

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