From Oz to  Om

By Tracy Flynn Bowe

From Oz to Om​ invites readers into the mystery of their own adventures. Author, lecturer and spiritual teacher, Tracy Flynn Bowe calls us into a deeper analysis of the great metaphors of Oz. She takes us along on Dorothy’s heroic journey with a modern day interpretation that invites readers into their own spiritual journey of consciousness and connection. Link to Oz to Om Page.

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The Land Beyond Forever              $18.99
By Tracy Flynn Bowe


Life Without Ending and Love Without Boundaries
Taking a mystical journey, Anne and her mommy travel through the heart on stars of light to meet with Grandma in The Land Beyond Forever. In this playful adventure they release their grief and remember that the spirit in all of us lives forever, and those we love are always with us. The story teaches that bonds of love and inspiration connect all who have walked in life, and that we are never left alone in our earthly trials and struggles. This book celebrates the immutable human spirit and is a story about family, hope, joy and resurrection. This book is for people of all ages and all faith traditions seeking to understand the serious illness or death of a loved one. With powerful illustrations and accompanied by a CD with a narrative and a musical version of the story, this book belongs in every family's library.

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Create the Life You Imagine: What Are You Waiting For?      $10.00
by Tracy Flynn Bowe with CD by Kate Flynn and Exercises by Meg Flynn
Create the Life You Imagine: What Are You Waiting For? This book and CD encourages readers to create lives of meaning and connection that feed their heart and soul. The Three Sisters take you through the steps of re-imagining life from a more holistic perspective, providing you with processes and tools to deepen your learning in each of the chapters. The book includes a CD of transformational music to inspire your journey.

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Transcendence - CD          $10.00
by Kate Flynn

This debut CD by my sister Kate Flynn features songs that will lift you up and comfort your soul. It includes audience favorites, like Great Reunion Day, Shine, In This Very Room, Go Light Your World, The Land Beyond Forever and many more songs to help you remember who you are.

Ready - CD              $10.00
by Kate Flynn


If you are ready to make a change in your life, this CD is just the inspiration you need. With original music including Ready, I Believe, Just One Step, and Trust in You, together with classics like Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Let it Be, this album will support you on your journey.

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