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How does knowing the personality color of your co-workers help create better teamwork?

Knowing about personality colors reminds us that creating strong and productive work teams requires us to notice and value the different perspectives and strengths that each personality type brings to the table. We have to remember that personality is all about that fast track that runs through our brain and that different personality types use different tracks to understand and respond to the things that are happening around them. Understanding this helps us to value the strengths of others and to slow down and listen more carefully to each other when our personality preferences are creating different perspectives.

We all have that moment when we suspect that the person we are interacting with is just trying to drive us crazy, whether its at work or at home. But most often it’s just that we are approaching the situation from different perspectives. If we can remember that most of the time its not personal, its just personality, we can work to build awareness, to translate across types, and to communicate and cooperate in ways that leverage all the strengths available when multiple types come to the table to work together. We always are more creative and more effective when problem solving brings together multiple perspectives. If you want to really create a great solution to a complex problem, get around the table with Reds, Oranges, Yellows and Greens and watch the magic that happens when everyone respects and honors the differences.

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