Hold and Embrace

“Our goal is wholeness, not perfection.”

~ Carl Jung

In my last blog post, I encouraged us to begin the process of living as whole human beings by shifting our energy and awareness away from our lower triangle small self and into our heart center, where we could begin to access the freedom and possibilities of living in the higher operating system of our upper triangle Soul Self. From our heart center, we can turn and face the parts of ourselves that stand frightened, disappointed, suffering or sorrowful about the past experiences of life, or anxious and fearful about what life holds in store. Remember that our heart center is the doorway to our Soul, and our Soul is the doorway to Spirit, so it is from the power of the heart center that we connect with our Soul and begin the process of healing into wholeness. As I wrote last time, the path to our Soul runs through the heart and it begins with our willingness to take a deep breath from this powerful spiritual center as we turn and face our life histories and our coping patterns with all the love and compassion we can muster.

It is the nature of our lower triangle small self to become mired under by the painful experiences of our past and preoccupied with its efforts to avoid further struggle or suffering in the future. The small self uses a large percentage of our life energy repressing, depressing or avoiding the pain of our past and anxiously imagining or scanning for the pain or difficulties we might face in the future. This constant activity by our small self is like having a program or app running all the time in the background of your smart phone or computer that is using up all of the available RAM space and battery power of your mind-body system. The constant self-protective, self-monitoring, and self-judging chatter of the small self is the source of the depression and anxiety so many people are experiencing, and it leaves little time, space or energy for us to live in the present moment, awake and alive to the happiness and joy life offers and to all the possibilities our Soul Self has waiting for us.

While life is ripe with moments of happiness, satisfaction, accomplishment, connection, creativity, beauty and joy, we must accept that imperfection, pain and suffering are also part of the human condition. Human life is fraught with frustration, disappointment, loss, pain and grief because we live in an ever-changing and imperfect world where we can’t control all the conditions around us or the forces that move through us. And unfortunately, the default brain of our small self is pre-wired to focus on the negative and to dwell on the difficulties. Thus, if we live only in the lower triangle small self of our human consciousness, we are promised a life of suffering that depletes our emotional reserves and exhausts our mental resources.

If it is the small self that suffers while the Soul Self holds the key to liberation from our suffering, let’s continue the process we started with in the last post to access the healing power of our spiritual operating system. Step one is to have the courage to turn and face the parts of ourselves that are holding old wounds or difficult stories or debilitating and life-deadening coping mechanisms or patterns. Step two is to have the compassion to hold and embrace </