Create the Life You Imagine ~ November 2019

The Three Triangle Model: Making Connections

“It was a relief to see myself as just one bit of God’s creation.”

~ Joanna Macy from Rilke’s Book of Hours

Adding the Third Triangle of Spirit to our model makes the final connection to our spiritual operating system. When we attach this final triangle as the crown of our operating system and remember that we are energetically designed to flow from the crown down, we can understand more deeply that every one of us is simply a stream or a particle of the Divine Source of All That Is. When we make this connection with the Third Triangle of Spirit, we remember that everything in the created world flows from this triangle and thus each and every one of us is just “one bit of God’s creation.”

When we started this journey in the Lower Triangle Personality, we became aware of the debilitating and limiting life patterns of the isolated small self and its obsessive, reactive, anxiety-generating, shame-inducing, guilt-producing circular thinking about “Me, Me and Me.” When we re-membered the connection between our Lower Triangle Personality and our Upper Triangle Soul, we were able to rise above the small self and breath into the more spacious energy of our Soul where we could connect with the more life-giving, love-sustaining, peace-channeling and creative presence energy of “I Am.” From our Soul perspective, we could remember that we were bigger than our small self personality and could connect with a more stable and eternal sense of presence from which to inspire our life.

Now, as we connect the Third Triangle of Spirit, we go a step beyond our Soul and remember not only that “I Am,” but more fully embody the deeper truth that “I Am That.” Whether you imagine this Third Triangle energy as God, Spirit, Divine, Source or Consciousness, this Third Triangle makes it clear that you are simply a unique and beautiful expression of THAT. If we can see from the visual of this model that everything we are flows directly out of the energy of Spirit, then we will remember that we are always connected to this infinite source of energy at every moment of our life. The energy of Spirit is flowing through our Soul and into our Personality and is the animating power of every breath we take. This source of power is available to us through every brilliant and beautiful experience and through every demanding and difficult challenge of our life journey. We can never be separated from this source and despite all our small self illusions to the contrary, our Personality is never left alone or unsupported, as this Source energy is present in every breath and every heartbeat of our life.

We started exploring this spiritual operating system with the metaphor of a car and our need as the driver to read the operator’s manual to understand the advanced operating systems. Let’s return to our car metaphor and think about a state-of-the art, advanced technology, electric, self-driving vehicle like a Tesla to help us think about the functions and connections between these three triangles in our spiritual operating system:

We can think about the mechanical frame and body of the car and all of its moving parts as the Lower Triangle Personality level of our car. If we just sit inside the physical form of the car without any awareness of its operating systems, it might look like a luxury version of any other car we have been in. It has the same basic structure of any vehicle – nuts and bolts, seats, windows, tires, steering wheel, mechanics and frame. But without the ability to understand its operating system, it will be hard to get this beautifully engineered mechanical system moving elegantly along the highway. Your Personality—your physical body, emotions and thoughts—are just the parts of the mechanical vehicle of your spiritual operating system that allow you to move into life and operate on that highway.

We can consider all of the fancy smart technology interfaces that direct the movements of the car as the next level of the operating system. This is the Upper Triangle Soul level or the embedded intelligence system of the car that activates and guides the movement of all the parts and equipment of the mechanical body. This next level of the Tesla is advertised as having a “full Self-driving capability that enables automatic driving on city streets and highways as well as the ability to come find you anywhere in a parking lot.” Your Soul operates like this. It is always directing and navigating the vehicle of your Personality and when your Personality gets stuck in the parking lot of life it has the ability to come find you.

Finally, we might imagine the power source of the Tesla as the Third Triangle Spirit level of the vehicle. The Tesla’s real power source is invisible electric energy. At this high level of energy there is no discernible or visible form of activity, but when we hook up the vehicle to this invisible power source, that energy flows into the technology of the operating system and down through the mechanics of the vehicle and makes all the activity possible. Without this source of energy nothing in the car would activate and the Tesla would just lie still. Nothing operates or comes to life without this source of power and after hooking it up to this power station, this amazingly engineered vehicle is fully powered and ready for an amazing journey.

If we use this metaphor to think about our spiritual operating system it will become clear that we want to anchor our life from our Upper Triangle Soul. From the level of our Soul we can more intentionally plug into the invisible energy of Spirt and can then channel and guide that energy through the thoughts, emotions and actions of our Personality. Living from the Upper Triangle Soul is a fundamental identity shift that completely changes the way we live. From this level of awareness we remember that, “I am the Soul and I function through the body,” a