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Create the Life You Imagine ~ November 2019

The Three Triangle Model: Making Connections

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” ~ Hafiz, 14th Century Persian Mystic and Poet

As we are learning to navigate life with our higher operating system fully engaged, we will notice that our awareness system tends to fluctuate between the Upper Triangle Soul Self and the Lower Triangle small self. In one moment, we might feel fully connected to our Source energy, beaming with light that flows down from our Soul and pours out through our Personality as we effortlessly enter the flow of life. When we are in this state we notice that life feels full, free, purposeful and joyful. Then in the next moment, our small self stages a carjacking and takes control of our vehicle from inside the Lower Triangle and suddenly we feel anxious, discontent, irritable and out of sorts. Life suddenly begins to feel monotonous, meaningless and exhausting as we try to escape a spiral of negative or fearful thoughts and emotions. Remember that our inner experience is not dependent on our external circumstances. You could find yourself in that joyful flow of Soul energy in the middle of a traffic jam when other people are losing their minds, or you could find yourself in a spiral of fear in the middle of a wonderful life experience that others might find quite happy and satisfying. But the opportunity in every moment of life, regardless of our outer circumstances, is to choose from what level of our being we want to navigate. If we choose to navigate from the higher vibration energy of our Soul, then our next experience will flow from that level. If we choose to navigate from the limitations and fears of our small self, then our next experience will flow from that level.

Our ability to stay in the flow with our Soul depends on our ability to be conscious about the thoughts we are choosing. One of the high-power truths of spiritual evolution is that our thoughts really do create our reality. If this is true, and if we are engineered and designed to be constantly creating the experiences of our life, then where do you want to create from? Do you want to create your next experience from your Upper Triangle high vibration intentions, or from your Lower Triangle defenses and fears? If we want to fully activate our highest possibilities and bring our True Self into expression, then we need to be more aware of the thoughts that are driving our perceptions and creating our next experience.

If you were setting out on a long journey by car and wanted to make it to your destination, you would use a map to get there. You could set off without a map and with just a general sense of direction about where you were heading, but you are likely to miss some important turns or to take some detours that put you way off course along the way. The great news about our spiritual growth process, however, is that we can never get completely lost because every experience of life, the good and the bad, the holy and the horrible, allows us to learn more about where we are on the journey and eventually, whether we take a more direct route or we take the long and winding road, we will come back into alignment and connection with the Divine Light from which we emerged.

Using this new model for spiritual connection gives us a map that allows us to use our inner awareness to monitor our thoughts and to more consciously choose the experiences we will have on this sacred life journey. When we choose to operate from our Upper Triangle Soul, we activate the power available in each of our chakra centers. When we let our Lower Triangle patterns take over, we will always be operating in the shadow of each of the chakra centers. So, as we monitor our thoughts, we might use the following question to decide if we want that thought to create our next experience: Is it a lower triangle story or an upper triangle truth? If we can’t catch the thought before we activate it, then we can look at the experiences we are having and get curious about the thoughts that might be driving them. If we catch ourselves in thoughts or experiences that are pushing us into old dysfunctional small self patterns, we can use the map to notice where we are, to pick a new thought, and to shift back into connection with our Soul.

You can use the words on the right side of the image above to get a clue about what level of thinking is operating in your life. Here is what you might notice when you pay attention to your thoughts and experiences:

Lower Triangle Shadow Patterns: When we try to push through life from the Lower Triangle personality level of our being, the "Me" level thinking of the small self is always moving through the seven chakra system in the shadow. When we operate from this level of our being, we will have a fearful attitude about life. We will form codependent relationships where we are always trying to please, impress or control others, and we will feel chronically insecure about our ability to handle the challenges of the day. We will close off our heart to protect ourselves from difficult emotions like disappointment and grief, and will live rigidly and dogmatically inside our small self truths, often harshly judging others and ourselves, while addictively doing anything we can to escape the vulnerability we feel as a separate person alone and struggling in an unpredictable, chaotic and dangerous world. From this level of our being life often feels difficult and unfair, and we struggle to enjoy any lasting sense of satisfaction or happiness.

Upper Triangle Soul Presence: When we make the connection to Source and use our Soul to flow from the crown down, we flow through life trusting that we are always connected to the limitless creativity, intelligence and joy of the Universe. From this source we draw that power down through our divine consciousness using our inner wisdom to see our highest possibilities, while using our creativity to express our most authentic Self through every experience of life. When we operate inside this flow we don’t judge others or ourselves and we keep our hearts open with compassion for all, while fully embracing all the experiences of life as opportunities to learn and grow. We are confident that we have all the awareness and resources we need to meet and move through any challenge in life, and we attract a community of healthy relationships that graciously hold and support us on our journey, as we courageously choose to walk through life in the truth and integrity of who we really are. We allow the energy of Pure Consciousness to move from the God Self, into our Soul Self, and to flow through our human self as an effortless and joyful expression of Spirit in action, and life moves with an energy of love and delight.

In his newest book, The Second Mountain, David Brooks remarks that “we bury the faint crackling of our inner fire underneath other safer noises and settle for a false life.” Too many of us settle for a false life powered by the shadow thinking of our small self patterns. The opportunity for all of us as we engage our spiritual operating system, is to set that inner fire in motion and let our Soul burn away the fearful thoughts and limiting beliefs that too often run our lives. You really can choose to see the astonishing light of your being and allow that light to fill every experience of your life by consciously choosing to live from the light of your Soul.

Wishing you the blessings and light of the Soul, as you create the life you imagine.


Stepping Stones:

This week continue the meditation practice we have been doing for the last couple of weeks. Use the imagery in those meditations to consciously connect your triangles and to align your chakras with the power of your Soul, as you clear out the shadow energy and limitations of your small self thinking. Doing this meditation practice for just a few minutes each day, especially at the start of your day, has the power to change your energy body and to shift your thoughts and emotions for the rest of the day.

Also use the week to practice engaging your inner awareness to monitor your thoughts and experiences. Our thoughts drive our emotions and actions and thus create our next experience. If you can catch your operating system at the level of thought, you can consciously choose a thought from the power side of your chakras. If you can’t grab the thought, you can pay attention to your emotions. If you feel anxious, ask what thought is underneath that anxiety. Then ask yourself if that thought is an upper triangle truth or a lower triangle story. If it’s coming from the lower triangle, then choose an upper triangle thought that counterbalances it, and breathe into that new thought ten times to change the inner charge. For example, if you catch yourself in anxiety about your ability to support yourself or your life, that deep level of fear about survival is generally moving from the shadow side of your first chakra. To balance that FEAR about your ability to be safe in the world, activate the power of your inner COURAGE and try a first chakra Soul mantra like this: I have the strength and courage to face each day. I am always safe and my life is fully supported by the power of my Soul. Now your fear voice will certainly do its best to convince you that this is just magical thinking and you need to get real and stay scared. But just continue to breathe and to repeat the mantra, letting it soothe and calm all the cells in your body. Sometimes you can use the shorthand version of the mantra by just repeating the power word for the chakra center that is activated (e.g. If you are feeling afraid, breathe out fear and breath in Courage; If you are feeling alone, breathe out loneliness and breathe in Community; If you are feeling insecure, breathe out insecurity and breathe in Confidence). When you feel calm, you will make your next choices in alignment with your Soul, and not in reaction to your fear.

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