Create the Life You Imagine ~ July 2019

The Practice: Self Rooted – Who Am I? How Do I Use My Life to Express My Divine Light?

“To be human is to become visible

while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.

To remember the other world in this world is to live in your true inheritance.”

~ David Whyte From his poem, What to Remember Upon Waking

As we flow into the first chakra from the crown down we connect with our human body and the physicality of our sensory experience on the earth. We take our place in human history and inhabit space, place and time in a physical world. The story from our human perspective is that we all emerged from our parents’ seeds into our mothers’ wombs and out into the experience of life, where our umbilical cords were cut as we each began to live our separate lives in what could be a vulnerable and chaotic world. The story from our Divine perspective is that we emerged from the Mystery of Pure Awareness as a seed of Divine Light and from that seed of light became a Soul, a container for our unique expression of that Divine Field of Consciousness. Our light then emerged through the funnel of our Soul into the womb of our heart center where we were steeped in Divine Love and Compassion and Unity as we prepared for the experience of human life. And from our spiritual hearts, prepped and prepared for the journey of life, we each dared to emerge into our mother’s womb and into our human life experience.

From the Divine perspective, we are light and energy and spirit and can never be separate from the Mystery from which we emerged. From the Divine perspective, the mystical umbilical cord is never cut because we are forever connected to our Soul which is forever connected to the Divine Consciousness that is the ground of all experience. From the Divine perspective, our roots are in our cosmic hearts and our eternal Souls, and not in our human bodies, or in our family systems, or in our trauma histories, or in our gender, racial or ethnic identities. From the Divine perspective, we are here to experience the light of our Soul in human form—to play in the world with our bodies, emotions, thoughts and relationships as an opportunity to learn and grow and evolve in our expression of that Divine Light. From the Divine perspective, we know that at the end of this human journey, this experience of living, learning and loving in human form, we will return to the source of Divine Love from which we were born.

As David Whyte’s poem reminds us, to be human is to become visible – to let the invisible Divine Light of your Soul shine visibly through the brief and temporal experience of your human life. But as we leave the Divine Unity we know in our heart center and enter into this human experience, a veil drops over our conscious minds. Although we can never become disconnected from our Soul, the conscious mind of our lower triangle becomes engaged and immersed in our human experience and we forget who we are and why we are here. Our personality takes charge and engages in all the physical world learning that is required to navigate the planet. We must learn to walk and talk and read and write, and the personality appropriately gets very busy focusing on the life skills that are required for our survival. Our personality focuses almost exclusively on the outside world and on downloading all the information it can gather through its sensory system to be an effective human and to keep itself safe. In that critical learning process, however, we forget who we really are. We get so identified with this human body and this human experience that we forget our Divine roots and the real power we can access and activate in our lives. But buried in our deeper awareness, in our Soul consciousness, is the Divine programming that holds that original memory, and the experience of life is designed to call us back into relationship with our Soul and with the flow of Divine Light that is our true inheritance. When we remember who we really are, we remember that the deeper purpose of life is to unfold into our truest and most authentic Self, and that we must plant ourselves into our life and stand on that sacred ground.

In the summer months in Minnesota, I like to do yoga on my deck in the morning sun while facing the Mississippi River that flows by my home just fifty yards in front of me. I like to end my practice in Sirsasana, or head stand pose. The neighbors or passing boaters who notice may wonder why that strange woman is standing on her head on the deck, but besides all the physical and spiritual gifts this pose provides, the natural world in front of me offers some really interesting visual perspective from this pose that reminds me of this first chakra wisdom. While standing on my head and gazing out at the river, I remember that life is an ever-changing stream of motion in front of me and I can no more stop the changing flow of life then I can stop the flow of the Mississippi river in front of me as it moves inexorably toward the Gulf of Mexico and out into the ocean. But despite the unyielding current of the river passing by, I observe these stately and elegant trees along my shoreline standing with impressive poise in front of all that movement, steadied and aligned by the strength and power of their roots, while their branching arms maintain the flow and flexibility needed to withstand the shifting movement of the winds. So I visually align my body with these magnificent trees that stand on my shoreline as I try to embody their rooted and grounded poise and their stretching and moving flexibility as alternating currents of energy to balance my life. From this inverted position, however, it also appears that the trees are invisibly rooted in the sky and growing down towards the earth and stretching open their widely branching arms and their shimmering leaves toward the world, of