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Create the Life You Imagine ~ December 2019

The Three Triangle Model: Mystery Meets Matter

“Christmas is a symbol of change. The meaning of Christmas is the birth of a new self, mothered by our humanness and fathered by God.”

~ Marianne Williamson

The image above is a brilliant representation of the light of our Soul (Upper Triangle) in perfect balance with our humanness (Lower Triangle), radiating out from the heart center, and held and encircled always by the web of Divine energy that is the ground of all Being (Third Triangle). The brilliant green color represents the energy of the fourth chakra of our human heart center, the shimmering pink color represents the energy of the etheric heart center of our Soul, and together they represent the perfect marriage of Spirit and matter that comes to life through our very being, held safely always and forever inside the deep blue light of the Divine. The energy of perfect balance flows out from the center of this image in the four directions of the equidistant cross, representing the balancing of heaven and earth and masculine and feminine in our lives. When we remember that our true identity is Divine light and energy and not flesh and bones, we awaken to the Mystery of who we really are and begin to dwell more firmly in our inner life, allowing our lives to flow and radiate out from that Divine source of inner power.