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Create the Life You Imagine ~ December 2019

The Three Triangle Model: Mystery Meets Matter

“Christmas is a symbol of change. The meaning of Christmas is the birth of a new self, mothered by our humanness and fathered by God.”

~ Marianne Williamson

The image above is a brilliant representation of the light of our Soul (Upper Triangle) in perfect balance with our humanness (Lower Triangle), radiating out from the heart center, and held and encircled always by the web of Divine energy that is the ground of all Being (Third Triangle). The brilliant green color represents the energy of the fourth chakra of our human heart center, the shimmering pink color represents the energy of the etheric heart center of our Soul, and together they represent the perfect marriage of Spirit and matter that comes to life through our very being, held safely always and forever inside the deep blue light of the Divine. The energy of perfect balance flows out from the center of this image in the four directions of the equidistant cross, representing the balancing of heaven and earth and masculine and feminine in our lives. When we remember that our true identity is Divine light and energy and not flesh and bones, we awaken to the Mystery of who we really are and begin to dwell more firmly in our inner life, allowing our lives to flow and radiate out from that Divine source of inner power.

In the Christmas Mystery, Mary represents the human part of us all that is called to accept the movement of the Divine energy of our True Self deeply into our lives. We are each called to bring the seed of the Divine into being on the earth through our human bodies and to incarnate or give birth to our Soul, to our Divine fingerprint, in a way that is absolutely unique. That journey of inner transformation is a process much like giving birth, a complex weaving of the beautiful and the arduous, the exhilarating and the exhausting, the miraculous and the mundane. But notwithstanding the labor involved in the birthing process, we must be willing to enter into the Mystery with our whole being. Despite all the upheaval and uncertainty that was inevitably ahead for Mary when she was visited by the angel, she said yes to giving birth to the Divine. And despite the confusion and judgment that he would certainly face, Joseph also said yes to his work in bringing forward and protecting the life of the great incoming Soul. And in the face of misunderstanding, rejection, betrayal and death, Jesus too said yes to fully embodying the energy of his Soul, the Cosmic Christ, in order to radiate the Divine energy of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Inclusion and Unity on the earth as it had never been embodied before.

We are all called to be similarly transformed as we give birth to our Soul. Like Mary, Joseph and Jesus, we are called to say yes to our Soul and to enter into our inner life and give birth to the Divine that lives within us. Like Mary, we must each mother the energy of our Soul with our feminine energy that patiently and quietly receives that Mystery into our bodies and into the inner womb of our hearts, allowing it to grow and develop and emerge through time and stillness and process and gentle attention. Like Joseph, we must each father the energy of our Soul by actively moving it forth into the world and creating the necessary conditions to house and support the unique gifts of our Soul, building the stable and the manger that protect the energy of our Soul as it moves out into the world. And like Jesus, we must risk bringing forward the energy of the Divine through our bodies, giving birth to the Christ energy in a world that may not be ready, as a living source of Divine love, light, compassion, forgiveness and inclusion and unity at work in the world through each of us.

Whatever your faith tradition or spiritual grounding, this is a time of giving birth to the Divine light in yourself and bringing that light forth into the world. It is a time to enter deeply into the darkness of your inner life, guided by the light of your Soul, to honor the Mystery being born inside you—just as the wise men and the shepherds guided by the light of the star gathered to honor the newborn baby in the darkness of Christmas Eve. Jesus came to teach us about the Divine Mystery of who we really are—about love without boundaries, life without ending and light everlasting. The everlasting light of the Divine is our true nature and our great responsibility. We can’t play small and play it safe. We must risk saying yes to the work of birthing the deepest and truest part of our being. As we move through this season of emerging light, may the light of your Soul call you into the womb of your heart where you can receive and give birth to that light and then radiate like the sun from your Soul to bring light to the world.

Wishing you the blessings and light of the Soul, as you create the life you imagine.


Stepping Stones:

As you prepare for your meditation practice this week, spend a few minutes looking at the image above. Again this week, instead of visualizing the three triangles stacked on top of each other, notice the beautiful and elegant balance in the image of the Upper and Lower Triangle above as the triangles come into alignment with the center at the heart. Notice also the deep blue energy of the Third Triangle surrounding the triangles like a protective web of Divine Light. Finally, notice the four arms of the equidistant cross. The vertical arm represents the balance between heaven and earth, divine and human, that comes through each of us. The horizontal arm represents the balance between the masculine and feminine energies in each of us, with the active masculine energy residing on the right side of our bodies and the receptive feminine energy residing on the left side of our bodies.

Let your eyes soften as you look deeply into this image and let it just wash over your consciousness. Now with this image in mind, gently close your eyes and begin your meditation by simply noticing your breath. Take three deep breaths and as you breathe in and as you breathe out, let your mind grow still, remembering that its only job for the next few moments is to follow your breath with awareness and attention. As other thoughts move in, simply return your attention to your breath, and with each breath in, and each breath out, let every part of your body relax just a little more deeply.

After a few minutes, as your mind and your breathing steadies and slows, use your inner vision to picture a glowing ball of brilliant white light just above your head. You can feel the warmth and energy of that light flowing over and through your body and descending down into your chest, activating the brilliant green light of your fourth chakra. The emerald green energy of your heart chakra expands throughout your chest and lungs growing more brilliant with every breath. As you rest in the green light of your heart center, notice a shimmering pink light emerging from the center of your heart. This is the energy of your Soul and as you breath in and breathe out, it begins to radiate and expand, until you create a perfect balance of brilliant green and shimmering pink light and you feel that energy of balance radiating through every cell, tissue, tendon, muscle, organ and system of your body. Feel your energy body like a star of brilliant light shining in the blue blanket of Divine light in the universe, and let your body, mind and spirit rest in a gentle state of peace and love.

After ten or fifteen minutes, slowly return your awareness to your body and to the room in which you are sitting, and bless the universe for providing all the connection, support and power you need for your life experience. Place your hands over your heart and let yourself smile as you receive this powerful stream of energy into your body. Do this meditation exercise several times this week to open this channel and notice what you feel in your body, mind and spirit. Use the images above and below to open your imagination for the meditation.

Reflections for 2020

As you prepare for the start of the New Year, remember that your thoughts create your reality and any time we spend in centered reflection will help us to create the conditions we need for the coming year. Enter 2020 with 20/20 vision by setting your sights and your thoughts on what really matters. Take some time to do the journaling assignment that was included with last week’s message before the start of the new year, then let the New Year unfold in alignment with your deeper intentions. Here are the journal questions again for your reflection, but follow your own inner guidance as you go:

Closing the Old Year:

  • What were the greatest gifts of the past year?

  • What were my most important accomplishments of the past year?

  • What experiences brought me the greatest joy in the past year?

  • What experiences gave me a deeper sense of meaning or connection in the past year?

  • What were the greatest challenges or struggles of the past year?

  • If I listen for the voice of my Soul, what lessons was I learning as I moved through those difficulties?

  • What patterns need to be healed in my life?

  • Who do I need to forgive (don’t forget yourself)?

Creating the New Year:

  • What is my Soul asking me to release as I move into the coming year?

  • What is my Soul inviting me to practice or to learn as I move into the coming year?

  • What joy is my Soul inviting me to create or to cultivate as I move into the coming year?

  • Who would I spend more time with this year if I were expanding my joy?

  • If I surrendered my need for certainty or control, what would I allow to emerge in my life this year, or what new journey would I begin?

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