Create the Life You Imagine ~ December 2019

The Three Triangle Model: Mystery Meets Matter

“My End is My Beginning”

~ T.S. Elliot

Last night we celebrated the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, and with sunrise this morning we began to experience the northern coursing of the Sun as over the next six months the light of each day grows longer and longer until the summer solstice, when the Sun will begin its southern trek and the light will recede a little each day for the following six months. And then the cycle begins again. Nature unfolds in cycles of light and darkness, and our lives follow cycles of light and darkness as well. As we pull our awareness increasingly into our inner life, we allow ourselves to move more effortlessly through these cycles of light and darkness, of coming and receding, of holding and release, of life and death, knowing that we are connected at a deep level to the rhythms of the Universe and we are always moving through the process of transformation—birth, growth, death, new birth.

With each new idea or awareness we give birth to new thoughts, emotions and actions and release old ones that no longer serve us. With each new day we awaken to new possibilities and let go of the day that came before. With every chapter of darkness, challenge or struggle, we loosen our grip on our old ideas, patterns and attachments and free ourselves for something new to emerge. When we surrender to these cycles and attune our consciousness to the process, we can grow in our own awareness and can more mindfully participate in each cycle of life, and each experience of transformation, as opportunities to move to higher states of consciousness. When we resist the cycles of growth and transformation because we are fearful about what’s next, or because we want to control the process, or because we want to maintain the comfort and familiarity of the status quo, or because we want to please, pacify or protect others, or because we don’t trust ourselves to make it through the process, we create imbalances and dysfunctions that show up in our physical bodies, our emotional lives, our relationships with others, or our beliefs about ourselves or about life.

The archetypal image of the transformation process is the butterfly. As we gaze in amazement at the light and beauty of the butterfly we likely forget in that instant that it only emerges following the apparent death of the caterpillar. But as we explored last week, death is just an illusion. The life of the caterpillar doesn’t really end as it enters that cocoon; the energy of the caterpillar is simply transformed through the process. The birth of the butterfly is not the beginning and the death of the caterpillar is not the ending. Nonetheless, I suspect that as it enters that cocoon and begins the process of darkness, decay and decomposition, the caterpillar fails to imagine the new power that is preparing to emerge and is likely astonished as it crawls out of that degenerative soup and the wings of the butterfly unfold and allow it to take flight. But the gift of the caterpillar is its complete alignment with the rhythms of nature and its surrender to the invisible evolutionary movement directing its life without fear, struggle or resistance.

During the course of the past year we have been studying the operating manual for our spiritual operating system in hopes that we could better understand and operate through the seven levels of consciousness that make up our Spiritual Self System. We have learned that we each emerged from the energy of Spirit (Third Triangle) and that our Soul (Upper Triangle) moved that energy into our bodies (Lower Triangle) as we began this human experience. We also learned that the inner wisdom of our Soul is forever guiding our path and is forever moving us forward, ready or not sometimes, through the process of growth, transformation and evolution of our consciousness. We are a lot like that caterpillar being guided by unseen forces into each next experience or cycle of life, except that our Lower Triangle small self isn’t good at surrender. It doesn’t trust what it doesn’t know, and it doesn’t know that the Soul is at the wheel invisibly directing the cycles, movements and changes of our lives in alignment with the Divine energy that is the ground of all Being. Like the caterpillar, we may not consciously know what each cycle of life will bring, but we can learn to trust the process of life and to cultivate a deep sense of belonging to the eternal nature of life, grounded in our ability to rest in alignment with the Divine Force that brings all things into Being, and not in the ever-changing conditions of our physical lives.

As we enter into this Christmas week, many around the world will be celebrating the birth of God on earth through the person of Jesus. The invitation for each of us, is to remember that we all participate in that same Mystery. Metaphorically, the birth of Jesus represents the energy of Spirt moving into Soul and emerging into a human body with the fully embodied spiritual awareness to remain in alignment and connection with the Divine while in human form. To the extent that our consciousness allows, our lives embody the same possibilities as Jesus who taught us through his example about Love without boundaries, Life without ending and Light everlasting. In this season of Light, may you be filled with Divine awareness, may you rest in the invisible warmth and protection of your Soul, and may you be a source of Love and Light to others as you joyfully surrender to the eternal process of Life.