Create the Life You Imagine ~ February 2019

Understanding Your Self System

“You always carry within yourself the very thing you need for the fulfillment of your life.”

~ Malidoma Patrice Somé

We have been paying attention to the voice of the small self in contrast to the voice of the Soul Self. Because of its narrow world view, the small self is always going to speak to us in the language of scarcity and limitation. Because it does not have the capacity to see from a higher perspective, its pattern is to perpetually scan the environment for threats to its identity and to perpetually search for something outside of itself that will relieve its deep sense of anxiety and insecurity. It believes that happiness is dependent on external conditions and so it obsesses, manipulates, spins and toils to get the things that will make it happy.

The problem with this small self thinking is that our external conditions are forever changing and that makes any sense of happiness our small self can patch together unstable and fleeting. The small self convinces us that our happiness depends on shifting realities like our job, our bank account, our body size, our age, our love interests, our children’s success, our titles or our social status. Regardless of what it acquires, it constantly looks outside and compares itself to others, inevitably reaches the conclusion that we are coming up short, and thus starts again to spin and spiral.

It is the pain and suffering of the spiraling small self, however, that often creates the opening for the Soul Self to enter. Over time, we grow weary and exhausted by the way the small self keeps us spinning, and we start to wonder if there is another way to live. We start asking bigger questions—Soul questions like “Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?—and this searching wakes up this higher operating system we call the Soul. Keep in mind that we can NEVER be separated from our Soul because it is who we really are; we just get so hypnotized by our small self thinking that our Soul Self and all of its more life affirming possibilities lie just outside our ordinary awareness.

The ability to understand the framework of our spiritual self-system and to navigate with the expanded awareness of our Soul Self, allows us to make life changing shifts in the way we live. Navigating life from our Soul Self allows us to move beyond the limitations of our small self worldview to access the spiritual power that is embedded in every human being. Our Soul Self is always and wholly in connection with our deep spiritual essence, and that part of us lies beyond the fears, limitations and threats that are imagined by our small self. Our Soul Self holds the secret to our fulfillment and flourishing because it knows that our purpose is simply to bring our unique expression of that divine essence into manifestation in our day-to-day life. When we can orient our life from the perspective of our Soul Self, the anxiety, fear, struggle and suffering with our life conditions fades into the background, and our life is transformed by the light, love and wisdom of our Soul.

So with all this in mind, we will continue to explore the framework of this spiritual self-system and explore each part of it in order to support you to activate your Soul Self and to quiet and calm your small self. The image above illustrates the basic structure of our spiritual self-system. We have two basic operating systems—our Lower Triangle and our Upper Triangle. Our Lower Triangle is basically our human operating system and manages all of our parts that are connected to life as a physical being in connection to matter. Our Upper Triangle is our spiritual operating system and manages all of our more subtle parts that are connected to life as a spiritual being in co