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How does knowing your personality color help you?

The great sages, philosophers and spiritual teachers of all times have all taught the famous adage, “Know Thyself.” Your personality color is an easy way to begin that process. Your personality is the hard-wired track in your brain that helps you filter everything that happens around you and respond efficiently to those happenings in the outside world. This hard wired track accounts for your natural gifts, talents, strengths and skills, as well as your areas of limitation or vulnerability.

Knowing this about yourself helps you to create the conditions in your life that support your highest possibilities and that allow you to really thrive in your personal life and your work life. It also helps you to be aware of areas of weakness or vulnerability, so you can strategically support yourself around these parts of your personality.

Reds will thrive when they can create conditions that feel clear, organized, stable and predictable. They are steady as you go types that don’t like chaos or emotional complexity, whether that’s in their personal life or their work life.

The opposite personality color to Reds are Greens who thrive in conditions that tap their creativity, spontaneity, passion and emotional awareness in an environment where they can use their intuition and flexibility to navigate as they go.

Oranges like to be in conditions where relationships are valued and they are able to provide care and support for others in a stable and predictable way. They are team players that enjoy the support and friendship of others as they make their way through life.

The opposite personality color to Oranges are Yellows who enjoy autonomy, changes and challenges. They thrive in situations where they can function with a lot of independence while pursuing ideas and strategies that mentally challenge their creative thinking and their problem solving minds.

Knowing ourselves begins with knowing our strengths and talents and finding ways to express those gifts in our lives. People who say they operate from their strengths most of the time are six times more likely to be happy at work and three times more likely to be happy in their personal life. Personality is a great place to start our journey of self-discovery and growth.

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