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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

“Life Is a Mystery to Be Lived, Not a Problem to Be Solved”

~ William Butler Yeats

This is one of my favorite quotes and it opens the final chapter of my new book, From Oz to Om. I was raised by an amazing mother who, like the main character in the Oz story, was also named Dorothy. My mother’s favorite admonition to her children when we faced times of struggle, hardship or confusion was this: “Life is a mystery to be lived.” My mother learned this truth from walking her own yellow brick road, and it is a truth that all of us who journey to find our home will discover. We are always at home in a great Mystery that is unfolding through us and around us, and we are called to surrender our small ideas about our life and to participate fully in the mystery.

In the Oz Story, the lesson of Dorothy’s hero’s journey is that we no longer need to search for our life or for our power in remote and distant places. We need to remember that our life unfolds mysteriously in front of us following the call of our soul from our home in the center of our being. Our work is to follow our intuition, to stay present to the mystery unfolding before us and to trust God enough to take our place in the world each day with an open heart. The powerful lessons of the Oz myth, the hero’s journey, and the wisdom of the chakras give us guidance to make our way along the spiral path that opens before each of us. The more we understand the markers of the spiritual journey, the more consciously and joyfully we can move along the yellow brick road of our spiritual journey and express our soul’s deepest possibilities. I invite you all into the mystery of your own journey and wish you love, grace and blessings along the way.

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