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Stepping Stones

The Call - Week One

Our intuition is the voice of our soul that guides us along our path and calls out to us in various ways when our lives get off track. It bumps us into experiences or people in our outer life that gently nudge us or sometimes forcefully push us to realign our inner life. Sometimes the experiences we have are difficult or challenging: A difficult and recurrently negative experience with a co-worker or boss at work; A crisis point in our relationship with a significant person in our life; An unexpected diagnosis of a health issue; The loss of someone we love in our life. However difficult or uncomfortable these experiences may be, they also present us with opportunities to reflect more deeply about our life. They challenge us to focus on what is most important and to make new choices that will help us find greater balance and peace. They are the storms in life that can lead us into new understanding and wisdom if we have the courage to face them with a sense of the possibilities that might be hidden within.

Weekly Stepping Stone

What challenge are you facing in your life right now and how might this situation be asking you to stop and reflect on this current life pattern? What new choices can you make right now that will change the pattern and begin to move you toward better balance and a greater sense of inner peace, even as you experience the reality of the challenge?

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