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Stepping Stones

The Call - Week Three

Along Dorothy’s journey in the Wizard of Oz, we find symbols and metaphors of the spiritual journey, and in our Stepping Stones we will explore these symbols and metaphors so we can watch them appear in our own journey. In the Oz myth, Dorothy’s dog Toto represents the intuition and will serve as Dorothy’s faithful guide and companion throughout the story. Our intuition, the voice of our soul, is always navigating our journey. We see that Dorothy was deeply longing for something new, for an adventure as big as her dreams, but she just circled around the farm until Toto stirred up the adventure by upsetting Mrs. Gulch and running away. Dorothy wasn’t sure how to begin her journey, but she followed Toto and the journey began. The symbol of Toto teaches us a that once we connect with our deeper longing, our intuition will begin to move us forward, even when we aren’t sure we are ready to go. Our intuition may move us toward our heart’s desire, or it may push us head first into the patterns that are keeping us stuck so that we can face them and move past them. Usually it is a combination of both.

Weekly Stepping Stone

How has your intuition been speaking to you? How is it urging you forward or arranging experiences that connect to your deeper longings? What experiences have you had recently that challenged you or made you uncomfortable? What experiences have you had recently that inspired you or awakened new parts of you?

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