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Stepping Stones

Dying to the Old - Week Three

The hero’s journey is a process of stepping intentionally into the center of our own story and making choices that align with our truest Self. For most of us, the first part of our life is spent gathering experiences in the outer world by moving through the developmental chapters of life. Life moves us through predictable stages: grade school, high school, relationships, and jobs; perhaps college, military service, marriage or parenthood. We find ourselves operating in society based on the demands of the life that has set up around us. But at some point, we ask ourselves whether there is something missing – or something more. What is missing is us. We are letting our outer life move us along unconsciously through the challenges and problems along the way without asking the deeper questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? What really brings me alive? These questions call us into the hero’s journey, the spiritual quest to move more consciously from our inner life, and to evoke our authentic Self through a process of self-discovery.

Weekly Stepping Stones

How is your inner voice calling for your attention? If you listened deeply to your inner voice, what would it tell you about your outer life? What might you need to let go of if you were to make room for something new to emerge from your inner life?

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