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Stepping Stones

Withdrawal - Week Two

In our 21st century western culture we are moving at an incredibly swift pace. For many, the demands of life seem to fill up all the minutes of our day and there is little time for quiet space, solitude or reflection. When we are not working at our jobs, caring for our children, or participating in our communities, we keep our minds full with 24/7 breaking news cycles, social media, and other entertainment options. But if we never slow down and we rarely take the opportunity to think about the path that our life is taking, it can feel as though we are just being batted around by life like the ball in a pinball machine. Life can begin to feel monotonous, exhausting and meaningless because the busyness of our outer life disconnects us from our inner life. The hero’s journey is an invitation to take your place in the center of your life. It is the call to actively shape your life based on your deepest passions and your unique talents and gifts. But if we wish to reclaim our deepest parts, if we wish to re-member who we really are, we must begin within. And to begin that journey within, we need to cultivate a relationship with our ourselves by devoting regular time for quiet, reflection and self-discovery.

Weekly Stepping Stones

How do you take time for reflection and self-discovery in your life? When you take time really listening to your inner self do you find feelings of anger, sadness, fear, loneliness, anxiety or depression? How have you created patterns in your life that help you avoid these feelings rather than work with them or through them? How might you begin to listen more deeply to your inner life through some regular time and attention?

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