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Stepping Stones

We Begin Alone - Week One

In the Oz story, Glinda and the munchkins can wish Dorothy well and cheer her on as she begins her journey to find the Wizard of Oz, but no one can accompany her on the path to her deeper home, for that is a journey she must begin alone aided only by her intuition. Moreover, Dorothy could not be magically transported to the Great and Powerful Oz, because we come into our spiritual awareness as we walk the path of consciousness, step by step and stage by stage. Spiritual unfolding is a developmental process, not a magical moment. We must be patient as Spirit unfolds a path in front of us and remain willing to follow the path without turning back. Trust, patience and perseverance are characteristics of the spiritual journeyer. If we can accept life as a journey with an unknown destination, if we can stay connected with our soul and learn to trust the process of life, if we are willing each day to just put one foot in front of the other, then the path will unfold in front of us just like the yellow brick road. Our challenge then, is to walk through life using our spiritual awareness to sense the path and to understand the mystery unfolding in every experience of life.

Weekly Stepping Stones

Have you ever had to travel a path alone where you were uncertain of where life was leading you? What did you experience along that journey? How did your intuition provide you with guidance? What did you learn about yourself in that process? Where in your life right now do you feel a path opening in front of you? What thoughts and feelings arise as you consider traveling that path?

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