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Stepping Stones

We Begin Alone - Week Two

The Oz story is rich with symbols that can help us think about the spiritual journey. One of the most important symbols in the story is the yellow brick road. It is a golden yellow spiral path. The golden yellow color is a symbol of wisdom. We should grow in wisdom as we walk this spiral path. The spiral shape represents the way our spiritual consciousness unfolds. Carl Jung taught that our consciousness journey is a spiral path where we move more deeply into our inner awareness if we engage consciously in our journey. At times in life it can seem like we are repeating the same difficult experiences and dramas and it can feel like we are traveling in a circle. But if we engage our spiritual consciousness, we will see that we are actually traveling on a spiral path, slowly deepening in our understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe. If we consciously walk the spiral path, we can approach the journey of life with focus and awareness, and through each experience of life we can expand in our ability to know ourselves and to move more consistently from our knowledge of the deep and essential truth of who we are. This is the spiral path of evolution.

Weekly Stepping Stones

As you walk this spiral path, what new insights are you beginning to have about who you are? If you look back on earlier experiences in your life, can you see how your inner wisdom has evolved as you have walked your life journey? What deeper “truths” about yourself or about your life purpose are emerging through your life journey?

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