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Create the Life You Imagine~June 2018

Activating Your Inner Powers - Totems of the Path

“When you reach the upper chakras, you don’t do without the first three. You don’t destroy the first three floors of the building when you get to the fourth.”

~ Joseph Campbell

The beginning legs of the spiritual path can be difficult and exhausting, but the struggles of these first three stages are the foundational blocks that will support our progress as we continue on our path. In the eastern spiritual traditions, the first three chakras represent our “lower nature,” our human experiences and aspects, our physical, emotional and mental bodies. As we work with the first three chakras, we face our fears, explore our emotional stories and confront the thoughts and beliefs that control the way we see ourselves and the world. Metaphorically we clean the closets of our past and prepare to move forward with a lighter load and with more of our energy available for the journey.