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Stepping Stones

Behind the Curtain - You Are More Than Enough

One of the clear lessons of this stage of the journey is not to over identify with the illusion of the symbols in front of us. The Witch represents our internalized fear—all the ways we judge ourselves to be too small, too weak or too vulnerable to handle the challenge and adventure of life. Dorothy’s journey shows us that life will give us opportunities to face our fears again and again. In the process of facing those fears, however, if we just risk walking authentically into the adventure that is our life, we will discover we are bigger, stronger and braver than we thought we were.

The Wizard represents our internalized shame—the ways we believe we are not enough somehow to be worthy of the dreams and hopes we have for life. We believe we don’t have enough courage, enough love, enough brains, enough beauty, enough money, enough power, enough status, enough friends, enough something to make it. We may believe that our histories and experiences have left us damaged and defective, and if people really knew what had happened to us, they would surely judge that we are not enough. So rather than face and dismantle our shame, we secretly hope that there is a wizard who will use some magic power to change us, save us or protect us.

The wizards in our lives may be our parents, partners, bosses, teachers or preachers. Its anyone that we believe can save us from the process of life or protect us from the risks and tumbles of the journey. We even make God a wizard when we believe that God will magically rescue us from our lives. But at this stage of our spiritual work we must begin to understand that life is a process of unfolding into our most authentic Self. Along the journey, we will be called to surrender our too small, too scared, not enough stories, and to recognize and experience the God within. We must begin to see, and feel, and experience ourselves as divine sparks of God that are worthy and ready for the challenge of this life adventure. We must know that we are more than enough and allow that truth to slowly unfold into the way we live our lives.

Weekly Stepping Stones

What are the fears that stop you from pursuing your dreams? What “not enough” stories make you believe that you don’t deserve to live the life you imagine? If you truly believed that you were “MORE THAN ENOUGH” what would change in your life?

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