Create the Life You Imagine~November 2018

The Return Home

“The Goal Is To Bring the Jewel Back to the World, to Join the Two Things Back Together.”

~ Joseph Campbell

As Dorothy prepares to leave the Land of Oz, Glinda asks her what she has learned on her travels. Dorothy responds by saying, “If I’m going to go looking for my heart’s desire, I won’t look any farther than my own backyard, because if it's not there, I’ve never lost it to begin with.” With that knowledge Dorothy is ready to return home on her own power. As Dorothy prepares for the journey home, Glinda swirls her magic wand over the top of Dorothy’s head and tells her to click her heels together three times repeating “there’s no place like home.” Dorothy awakens back in Kansas, at the point where her hero’s journey began, surrounded by her family and friends.

If the hero’s journey requires us to walk back into the world with our jewel, it is fitting that in the symbolism of the Oz adventure Dorothy wears the symbol of the jewel on her feet. Glinda waves the wand over Dorothy’s head while Dorothy clicks her heels together three times. The three clicks represent the triple nature of the human experience—Personality, Soul and Spirit—aligned in mystical unity and connection. The pairing of the wand over her head and the clicking of her heels symbolically connects the seventh chakra with the first chakra in that endless cycle of transcendence and return. For once we have an authentic transformative experience, we must walk our new consciousness back into the world and live it.

The jewel of the hero’s journey symbolizes the quest for the highest spiritual fulfillment of a human life. Along the pa