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Create the Life You Imagine ~ January 2019

The Practice

"What you seek is seeking you”

~ Rumi

Welcome to 2019. In my practice and workshops, I see more and more people that are yearning for something more in their lives. They are seeking something that feels richer, deeper, wiser, more satisfying, more fulfilling, and more connected to the truest part of who they are. Some of us get caught thinking that we will find what we are seeking on the outside - in our work, our relationships, our possessions, or on another trip to the gym or the mall. We have a habit of looking around on the outside for the source of our discomfort or anxiety, and ceaselessly rearranging the furniture of our lives in an attempt to get the feeling we are seeking. But most often the seed of this yearning is a spiritual call from deep within. It is a call to remember that we are more than our names, our titles, our roles, our bodies or our bank accounts. It is a call to turn our attention within and to listen to our deeper urgings. It is a call to remember that we are all souls here to learn through our life experiences and to grow into truer expressions of our divine Selves.

We are all called to live and love fully and authentically, touching our inner light and becoming a source of that light for others. This is the real journey of life and it is the only real way to overcome our anxieties and apprehensions. The journey begins by learning to look inside rather than outside for the source of our yearning. It requires that we develop the capacity for stillness, quiet, reflection and contemplation. It requires the willingness to dedicate some time and attention to quieting our outer world activities and our outer senses, as we move inside and develop our inner senses. But in order to develop these capacities we need an understanding of our inner landscape and a willingness to practice and explore in this new territory. If we were planning for a journey to a strange new land, we might opt to go with a guide to point out the landmarks or with a tour group to share the experience. I invite you to explore this territory this year by following these messages and practicing the exercises, joining my workshop group in January, starting an intentional meditation or journaling practice, or engaging in some other spiritual study or practice on a regular basis. Let this be the year you begin to live your best life, as you decide from the inside out, to create the life you imagine.

Blessings and light as you begin this journey in 2019.


Stepping Stones:

All of the traditions teach us that the deepest part of our self, our Soul, is waiting patiently and graciously for us to join in this deeper conversation. Imagine you are walking along the path in the picture above. You see two chairs waiting at the end of the path and you intuitively know that one of them is for you and one is for an honored guest. You walk with anticipation and take your seat. As you gaze out over the ocean you notice the stillness of the day, the expansive blue of the sky, the light dancing on the water, and the fragrant breeze bringing the scent of ocean, sand, and flowers. As you gently close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath, you sense your honored guest taking the seat next to you. This guest is your soul and has been waiting for you with great love. You feel a joyful presence and know that this is not a first meeting, but a great reunion. As you sit with your soul, ask any questions you have and listen for the answers, or listen silently for any messages your soul is bringing to you, or simply rest in the joyful, loving energy of this presence. After a few minutes take some cleansing breaths and journal about any awareness you have coming out of this meditation.

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