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Create the Life You Imagine ~ January 2019

My Soul Wants to Lead

“A spiritual path is not home; it is a road home. Home is within us, and every moment we are choosing to rest there, or to fight the experience.”

~ Marianne Williamson

My intention for the Create the Life You Imagine messages for this year is to offer readers an operator’s manual for your Self system, and thus the opportunity to travel the road of your life with a greater sense of awareness, connection and calm. If you are driving a new vehicle for the first time, especially in this technological age, you know that it can feel a little confusing the first time you take off in the driver’s seat. It’s hard to know what all the new gadgets and gizmos on the dashboard even do, and even seemingly simple things like finding the blinkers, lights and windshield wipers can make you feel anxious or uncomfortable as you drive away from the curb. But if you take some time with the owner’s manual you can get a good overview of the operational features of the vehicle, and you can better understand how to navigate the vehicle for your day-to-day travel. More importantly, however, you can learn to use the fancier invisible features of the system that are hidden in the deeper program of your vehicle, and that can be used to enhance and enrich your riding experience. This higher knowledge allows you to completely transform the way you drive.

So as we move through the year, we will be reviewing the operator’s manual for your Self system. We started this month by making you aware that there are two principle systems operating at all times in your Self system: your small self, and your Soul Self. Your small self runs the nuts and bolts of the vehicle's system. It is your basic human operating system and it includes your physical body, your emotional body and your mental body. Your Soul Self is home to the advanced operating system. This is the more intuitive part of your Self system and if you learn how to operate it, it’s like having one of the latest self-driving cars. Suddenly you don’t worry anymore about the nuts and bolts of navigating the road, for you discover you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience and the beauty and wonder of the ride. This invisible operating system is built into your Self system, you just need to learn how to turn it on.

As we reviewed in week one, the small self is where we encounter the struggles, speed bumps, flat tires and hard detours of life. The small self doesn’t even know there is a Soul Self, and it tries to navigate through the complexity of life with only half the system operating. It truly believes from its limited perspective that life is a survival course – most often difficult, unfair, exhausting, and unrelenting – and the goal of the small self is just to make it through the day and to protect itself from the unknown and the uncertain. We all know what it feels to live life from this perspective and sometimes that’s just where we are.

But buried in our higher operating system is our Soul Self, and there is always the opportunity to switch operating systems. As we have discussed, the voice of our Soul Self is quite different from the voice of our small self. Our Soul Self invites us to stretch, to grow, to risk, to connect and to move into more nourishing and fulfilling life patterns. It drops people and opportunities into our pathway to challenge us or to inspire us. It uses our intuition, imagination and dreams to present new possibilities and pathways and it waits patiently and graciously for us to flip the switch and make the shift. Our Soul Self is always ready and willing to support us as we navigate our life journey, we just need to be willing to surrender the small self mindset, and practice letting our Soul Self take the lead.

As you work to raise your awareness in January, practice just noticing these two systems operating in your life. Notice the ways in which your small self wants you to keep your head low, play small, stay safe, please the crowd, stay in the slow lane, don’t make waves and settle for self-protection and the sure thing. Notice the moments when your Soul Self lovingly whispers in your ear or drops a picture in your imagination that invites you to be bold, take a risk, trust the Universe, reach for more, let your light shine, speak your truth, choose to flourish and not just survive. Our small self wants us to ignore the urgings of our Soul Self as madness or fantasy. The small self fights and resists the voice of the Soul Self as some kind of insanity, but the real insanity is the view of life that our small self has convinced us to settle for. My deepest wish and intention for this year is to support you to find the courage to trust your Soul Self to take the lead, and to surrender the limiting belief system of the small self.

Wishing you the blessings and light of the soul, as you create the life you imagine.


Stepping Stones:

My sister Kate Flynn is an amazing singer and songwriter that channels the voice of the soul into transformational and inspiring music. My sisters Kate and Meg and I collaborated to write and produce a perfect song to inspire you in your work this week. It’s called Ready and is the title song of Kate’s latest CD. Below is a free link to that song and I invite you to use it as a meditation this week to inspire your Soul Self to speak to you. Listen for its nudging, its urging, or its encouraging as you set intention for 2019. The chorus goes like this:

My Soul wants to lead, I surrender to Love.

My Soul wants to lead, to the places I dream of.

My Soul wants to lead, I won’t say no.

I have to let it happen, I’m ready to go.

(Visit my Products Page and scroll down to the READY CD for a free link to this inspiring song) If you haven’t already done so, consider starting a journal for 2019 and follow the weekly messages and meditations by journaling and reflecting on your own story and journey as we go.

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