Create the Life You Imagine ~ March 2019

Balancing the Lower Triangle

“Is the universe a friendly place or not?”

~ Einstein

This week we will take a look at the first power center that is located in our lower triangle. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency and color, and as you can see from today’s illustration, the first chakra is associated with the color red. The first chakra is the spark that sets our physical body into motion. It is located at the base of the spine in the area of the tailbone, and is like the root that gets planted in the ground when your soul comes into this human body. This power center is associated with your physical body and your physical vitality, and with your early life caregivers, usually mom and dad.

The first chakra is the power center assigned to safety, security, protection and belonging. Anytime we have an experience that is tied to these issues, the first chakra leaps into action. This power center develops during the first chapter of life when we are completely dependent on the care and protection of our parents, family members and other adults. If we had a circle of supportive adults in our early life that attended to our needs and cared for us with appropriate love and attention, we learned that we matter and that our needs are important. These experiences create positive first chakra energy. The first chakra thrives when it has a firm sense of belonging to a group of safe and supportive people it identifies as its tribe. Our first tribe is our family group, but as we grow our tribe stretches to include our friends, workmates, community allies, and so forth.

The first chakra development is also tied to the time in life when infants discover and master the use of their physical bodies and learn to navigate the physical world. The infant develops a strong sense of physical competence if it experiences physical health and can learn to capably operate its body while learning to crawl, walk, run and so forth. It’s the happy and confident “I can do it” energy of a toddler that is expressing this healthy first chakra power center. A healthy, happy toddler with supportive and encouraging adults learns to crawl and then walk with relative ease. Toddlers learning to walk in these conditions may fall down, but they smile and get right back up and try again. This is the healthy orientation to life we want to develop in our first chakra. We may have experiences in life that knock us down, but we trust the process, get back up and keep moving.

As we explore each of these power centers we can reflect on the experiences we have had in life that may impact these centers, and on the emotions and thoughts that arise from these centers based on our history. The strength of this first power center is that core sense of trust and courage about life that is activated naturally if we have had the right conditions during this developmental stage. It’s that inner sense that whatever life throws us we can handle it. The vulnerability of this center is a core sense of fear or insecurity about life that can develop if our family relationships or early life experiences were less stable or predictable. In this case, that small self voice gets in charge and tells us tha