Create the Life You Imagine ~ April 2019

Entering the Heart Center

“One word frees us from all the weight and pain of life. That word is love.”

~ Sophocles

We are going to hold our focus on the energy of the heart center as we continue to prepare our lower triangle for the entry of our Soul Self. The fourth chakra heart center plays a pivotal role in the transformation of our lives. The heart center is the meeting point between the lower triangle and the upper triangle, and the balancing point for our lower triangle. Last week we locked the handlebar onto our trike by connecting the fourth chakra power center to our lower triangle, and started the process of gaining control over the three energy centers in our lower triangle. This is a critical stage in our spiritual development as we bring our lower triangle into integrity, or into wholeness, through the power of the heart center. We can only access the higher operating system of our Soul Self through the heart center, and we can only give expression to that higher Soul energy in our life if we have a reasonably clear lower triangle, so spending time in the heart center is critical preparation for the rest of our journey.

One of the gifts of the heart center is its ability to hold the experiences of our life with “non-attachment.” Non-attachment means that we do not cling to our past life experiences to define us, to feed our ego needs, or to give us a sense of identity, and we don’t anguish over the future in an attempt to control, defend and protect our small self world. As we have learned, our lower triangle centers have a habit of clinging tightly to our wounds and traumas (to protect ourselves from future injury) or to the external markers of our identity (our roles, titles, status symbols or job descriptions) to maintain a fragile sense of control over life. The heart center has the power to soften our attachment to past experiences and external identities, so we can enter into the flow of our inner life and experience the peace, power and possibilities present in each moment. Non-attachment is the ability to live fully in the present, letting the Mystery of life unfold, trusting that there is an invisible set of possibilities present in every moment that our lower triangle centers cannot access or imagine. When we soften our need for control, for preferred outcomes, for the known, the familiar, the predictable and the certain, we open the channel for our Soul Self to enter and release the stress, struggle, anxiety and tension created by our lower triangle impulses. The heart center is where this transformation occurs.

Spiritually and metaphorically, the heart has always been considered a wisdom center of the human experience and the universal symbol of love. The Greeks believed the heart was the seat of the soul, the Chinese associated it with the center for happiness, and the Egyptians thought the emotions and intellect arose from the heart. Acclaimed neuroscientist, Dr. Candace Pert, described in her work that although we think of the brain as the center of consciousness, tiny bits of brain are located in every cell of the body and each of the chakra centers, especially the heart center, is home to a large plexus of neuro-receptors for the molecules of emotion and consciousness that are traveling around the body. The powerful intelligence of the heart center shines through our ancient philosophical traditions, and now through our modern science systems.

While the energetic heart center is much more expansive than the physical organ of our heart, the physical heart organ provides a marvelous metaphor for the healing and balancing power of the heart center. The heart is the first organ to form in the human body and weighing in at just ten ounces, it is one of the hardest working organs of our body. In under a minute, your powerful heart muscle pumps blood to every cell in your body. Over the course of one day, your heart will beat about 100,000 times, pumping over 2000 gallons of oxygen-rich blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels linking together the cells of our organs and body parts. During the average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 2.5 billion times. Most of this activity happens under our awareness and we trust that the heart knows what to do to keep our body oxygenated, healthy and alive.

Let’s consider the heart organ as a metaphor for the healing power of the heart center. In a simple description, the heart has four chambers: Two atria or holding stations, and two ventricles or pumping stations. The right-side chambers of the heart receive and process the blue, oxygen-poor blood from the body, and then pump the blood to the lungs for re-oxygenation. The left-side chambers of the heart receive and process the red, oxygen-rich blood from the lungs, and then pump it out to nourish and restore all the parts of the body. The heart organ stays in complete non-attachment as it does this work. The right atrium does not complain that the blood coming back from the struggling liver or the injured big toe was really toxic, it simply accepts that blood and does its work to receive, revive and rebalance all the parts of the body with life-giving, oxygen-rich blood. Now let’s use this metaphor as we think about the energetic work of the heart center.

Compassion (Holding): We can think of the right atrium as holding the energy of Compassion. This atrium accepts, receives and holds the weary, disappointed and wounded part