Create the Life You Imagine ~ April 2019

Entering the Heart Center

“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

~ John O’Donohue

As you anchor your energy in your heart center you create the opening that is needed to rise above the small self thinking of the lower triangle and to begin the process of transformation and healing that is required to move forward on your journey toward your true Self. Entering the heart center is like finding an escape hatch out of the lower triangle and climbing up to a higher level of consciousness where you can get some new perspective. Over the past several months we have been working from this higher level of awareness to focus our attention on the thinking habits of our lower triangle, to understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of our first three power centers, and to clear away the patterns of the past that keep us spinning on that revolving wheel of distraction, disruption, disturbance and disfunction that can be created by the small “Me” self.

Until we open the passageway to the fourth chakra and anchor our awareness in the heart center, the small “Me” self thinking of our lower triangle is our default program. And as we have learned, when it is trapped in the lower triangle, the small self creates and stores up personality patterns formed from the experiences of our past like rocks and boulders that take up space and energy in our lower triangle. As long as the small self is in charge of your energy system, it steals all the life energy to run the old patterns over and over and over again. The spinning small self keeps all of your energy planted squarely inside the lower triangle, and the rocks and boulders of old patterns keep you cut off from accessing your upper triangle powers and your higher, more life-affirming possibilities.

Imagine that the lower triangle energy trapped in small “Me” self thinking is like driving around and around and around on a roundabout and never getting off and thus never getting anywhere. Have you ever had this feeling about life? That feeling is your clue to change your perspective. In this small “Me” self thinking mode, you are burning up all your time and life energy just spinning around that circle. If you are going to make progress on your journey of growth and transformation, you need to take the exit ramp off of that life-draining roundabout. That exit ramp leads you to your heart center and your heart center opens the channel to your Soul.

Our authentic desire to stop the revolving, roundabout drama of the small self and to live in greater integrity with our true Self is what opens the passageway to our heart center. From the heart center we are able to change the flow of our energy. From the heart center we can bring awareness to our patterns, our power centers and our possibilities, and we can begin to make choices that support our growth and well-being. From the heart center we can use the healing path of compassion-forgiveness-inspiration-gratitude-joy that we practiced last week to transform the patterns of disappointment and struggle from our past and to break free from the blockages that consume our life energy. If we open the passageway to our heart center and use its power to rise above our histories and to get some new perspective, we can override our old programs, our old conditioning and our old stories, and free ourselves from the patterns that bind us to the small “Me” self.

If you are going to open up the channel to access your true Self—your Soul Self—you must take that exit ramp into your heart center and remove the obstacles your small self has built that are blocking the flow of energy from your higher Self. Once you clear the lower triangle of the old energy patterns, you create space for the presence of your Soul Self to flow into your lower triangle. The opening of this space in your lower triangle invites your heart center to open the channel to your Soul Self and you effortlessly enter into the flow of this higher state of presence in your life. This is the power of transformation that happens through the heart center—it clears the lower triangle so that it is transformed into a powerful vehicle to express the full potential of who you really are—and then opens the channel for the Soul Self to flow in as the driver. Entering into this flow is the real beginning of our own unfolding as we surrender the struggles of the small self and allow the Mystery of we really are to move through us.

Wishing you the blessings and light of the Soul, as you create the life you imagine.


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