Create the Life You Imagine ~ April 2019

Entering the Heart Center

“I would say that it is precisely the divine part of you that is great enough, deep enough, and gracious enough to fully accept the human part of you. If you are merely human, you will tend to reject your embarrassingly limited humanity.”

~ Richard Rohr

As you more consciously ground your energy in the Fourth Chakra Heart Center, you are liberated from the small self thinking of the lower triangle as you move into contact and then into relationship with your Divine Self. As you raise your energy into the Heart Center it’s like you begin watching your life unfold from this new perspective with deep love and acceptance of your lower triangle human personality, the way a parent might watch a beloved child move though life. Because the parent operates with more life experience and perspective than the child, the parent can hold the child’s struggles and difficulties with love, knowing that it’s all just part of the growth and learning process. In the same way, your Divine Self holds your lower triangle with love and acceptance and helps you stabilize the lower triangle. When the lower triangle struggles with a difficult life experience, it can offer the experience to the Divine Self in the Heart Center and trust that it will be met and transformed through the healing pathway of the heart and the power of the Soul.

When we recognize that our Personality is just a vehicle for our Soul, we reverse the flow of our energy system and instead of struggling to climb up that lower triangle mountain, we simply open the channel in our heart center and allow the energy of our Divine Self to flow in from the crown down. Imagine an hour glass with glowing white sand, and a plate that opens and closes through the center. When we bring our lower triangle into integrity and commit to letting our Soul take the lead, we open the channel in our fourth chakra and let our Soul energy flow down from our upper triangle. If we can commit to living from the crown down, we become less and less attached to the experiences and life events flowing through our lower triangle. Even when we experience difficulty, stress or challenge, our Soul Self knows it’s just another experience our small self is having here in Earth School and that our small self can move through it and grow through it with love and support from our Soul.

The energy of the Soul transforms the energy centers of the lower triangle and the illustration above shows us the balance created in a healthy lower triangle. When we let the energy of spirit flow in we take our place in the world in a new way. In the first chakra we find the courage to root into our own life story knowing that each of us have a unique reason for being here and that our presence on the earth matters. In the second chakra we let our passion for life lead us into relationships with others built on mutuality and respect that nourish our sense of self-esteem and belonging. In the third chakra we find our sense of focus and feel confident that we can activate our competencies, gifts and strengths in integrity with our unique life purpose. Now instead of spinning around in old fears, patterns and anxieties, we are able to use our lower triangle to be a truer expression of who we really are.

Once you understand that your personality is just your vehicle, you need to understand the gifts and strengths of your personality. I love teaching the personality work of Dr. Carol Ritberger, author of What Color is Your Personality, to help you understand how your personality vehicle is wired. She has four colors in her personality system: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green, and her work describes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of each type. You will notice that these colors align with the first four energy centers we have studied and knowing this will help you think about both the strengths and vulnerabilities of your hard wiring. Below you will find a quick summary of the four personality types, but in general each of the personality types finds its personality home in the corresponding chakra color.

Red Personalities tend to anchor in the first chakra and focus on structuring life and achieving goals. They are more fully rooted in the physical world than other personality types and tend to manage that world with skill and competency. They are attracted to professions like medicine, finance, construction, law enforcement, military service and crisis or emergency response teams where they can use their knowledge and skill in the physical world to make a difference. The red archetype is the hero and they are prepared to leap into action and save the day. The shadow side of the red personality can be a bully energy in that they are strong-minded, black and white thinkers that can be rigid, stubborn and forceful about meeting their needs and desires. But when they bring their personality into the service of the soul, they are marvelous public servants who contribute much to the safety and well-being of their families and communities.

Orange Personalities tend to anchor in the second chakra and focus their lives on building caring and supportive relationships with others. Regardless of their job title or profession, they are relationship masters and community builders. They often show up in the service professions like education, nursing, social work, p