Create the Life You Imagine ~ May 2019

Opening the Upper Triangle

“You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled then something has been lost.”

~ Martha Graham

The next power center we will explore is the fifth chakra. The fifth chakra is associated with the color light blue or sky blue, is generally located in the throat, and is connected to the thyroid gland, jaw, neck, mouth, teeth, larynx and voice. It is associated with the element of ether which is an invisible gas or the clear sky in the upper regions of air beyond the clouds. In this invisible high air of the fifth chakra we find the first of the upper triangle spiritual chakras and it is where we come into direct contact with our Soul. Theologian Matthew Fox has described the fifth chakra as the birth canal for our Soul—a narrow opening “through which pass our deepest thoughts and hopes and dreams and poems.” The spiritual task of the fifth chakra is to bring these deepest parts of ourselves into expression.

If we think about the anatomy and function of the fifth chakra, it’s about speaking our truth and bringing through that narrow passage only that which is most true, most essential and most authentic about who we really are. The strength of the fifth chakra is the true creativity of our divine nature in that it activates our power to bring forward our most authentic selves through the co-creative process of life. The vulnerability of the fifth chakra is rigidity, judgment or dogmatism. If we refuse to speak or to choose or to live our truth, our hopes or our dreams, we will find ourselves too often speaking or choosing or acting out the truths or beliefs of others in rigid or judgmental ways, or becoming dogmatic, stuck and closed-minded. When we speak or act from the shadow or our fifth chakra, it stops our growth and creates patterns of negativity, tension, frustration and limitation, because we are out of alignment with who we really are.

Remember that as we move into the upper triangle we are moving into entirely new spiritual territory. Most people function and exist from the level of their personality using the three lower triangle human chakra centers. As we move through our fourth chakra and up into the upper triangle, we come into contact with our spiritual Self, our Soul, and we begin to function from a very different perspective. We don’t want to ask the central question of life, “Who Am I,” from the level of our lower triangle; we want to let that deep and authentic truth about who we are unfold from within us through the power of our fifth chakra.

Once this process begins, our fifth chakra will give us clues when our personality is operating out of alignment with our Soul. We may find that we can’t keep speaking the same old lower triangle victim stories about our life because the stories start to feel old and tired even to us; and unless we are willing to make some changes, the stories literally get caught in our throats. We may find that if we are standing firm in an old pattern that we know no longer serves us, or that we are afraid to speak our truth about a way that we are being mistreated or abused, or that we are holding back a change that we know needs to happen, that our jaw gets locked up. We may discover that if we want to play life small and safe and are afraid to live as joyful creative beings expressing our immense spiritual power that our thyroid gets out of balance. We may recognize that if we speak negatively or judgmentally about others, that we will activate negativity and judgment toward us from others.

Initially we may find that our lower triangle thinking tries to create a “spiritual life” using the rules of the lower triangle. Without making any fundamental shifts in our thoughts, feelings or actions, we just try to put on religious practices or spiritual values like a new coat over our old clothes. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work and it doesn’t hold up, because living from our Soul is a complete transformation experience that fundamentally changes us, like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. The caterpillar can’t just strap on some synthetic wings and become a butterfly. Instead it goes through a death of its caterpillar form in order for the new form of the butterfly to emerge.

Likewise, we can’t climb up into the upper triangle carrying all of our lower triangle baggage from our life and expect a transformation to occur. If you think about my hour glass analogy, it would be like throwing all of our disappointments, resentments, regrets and hard stories about our lives into a giant garbage bag that we throw over our shoulder, and then trying to pull that big bag up and through that narrow opening to enter the upper triangle. We simply can’t take all of the old garbage and all of the old patterns with us. This is the real meaning of the word “surrender,” and one of the critical processes that we undergo as we move into the fifth chakra power center. The surrender process is our willingness to let the old small self and all of its struggles and resistance to life die, and to let our spiritual Self emerge through the mysterious process of transformation.

In order to accomplish this surrender process, we need to pause in the fourth chakra and sort through all the lower triangle stories with love and compassion and find the life lessons and blessings that can be held in our heart, while releasing all the old baggage of the life events and surrendering all the grief, disappointment and frustration that are just part and parcel of our human experiences. Once we lighten our load in this respect, we open the channel to our upper triangle and allow the transformative energy of our Soul to begin to flow down from our fifth chakra, through our heart center and into our lower triangle. As our Soul energy enters our lower triangle and we begin to express that energy through our daily life, it transforms our life as we become more authentic expressions of our higher Self, and this shift in flow fundamentally changes the way we experience life.