Create the Life You Imagine ~ May 2019

Opening the Upper Triangle

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

~ Einstein

The next power center of the upper triangle is the sixth chakra. The sixth chakra is often called the “third eye” or the “ajna center” and it can be visualized as a cave in the center of your brain in the area of your forehead, right between your eyebrows. The color associated with the sixth chakra is deep indigo and it is connected to the element of light. It is the center of higher consciousness and its spiritual light sears through the darkness of ordinary life to help us see and perceive the truth of things. Opening this power center activates your intuition, your imagination and your ability to see, observe and perceive things using your inner wisdom and your spiritual vison and insight. This important power center also establishes balance and wholeness in your spiritual system. It balances the intuitive mind of your Soul with the logical brain of your third chakra, and it balances the masculine and the feminine parts of your being. The sixth chakra influences your eyes, pituitary gland, head and the base of your brain. Physical manifestations of imbalance in the sixth chakra are difficulties with vision, dizziness, headaches and particularly migraine headaches.

Your sixth chakra watches life from the perspective of your Soul and it might be understood as the inner observer or witness presence that watches over and guides your life if you take the time to connect with it. Most of us operate in our day-to-day life from the level of our third chakra human brain. Remember, the third chakra is connected to your lower triangle and activates the part of your brain that is connected to ordinary reality, your five physical senses and your everyday logic. Your Soul uses your intuition, your sixth sense, to connect you to your higher mind and to speak to you about your life and your choices with a powerful feeling of calm and clarity. Your intuition can provide you with an instant sense of knowing as you navigate life. It will direct you toward people and opportunities that support your Soul’s purpose, and it will give you caution and warning signs when you are moving in the wrong direction.

The sixth chakra is where we access our spiritual knowledge and the power of discernment, or the ability to make wise choices that reflect the truth of our Soul or Higher Self. It relies on our spiritual senses and uses symbols, signs, dreams and synchronicities to provide us with guidance as we move through life. When we see life from the vantage point of the sixth chakra we are seeing life with symbolic sight. Using our symbolic sight means that we look for the meaning and the metaphors of ordinary occurrences and we don’t dismiss the inner nudging to slow down and look deeper at the events and patterns of our lives. For instance, when you are running your physical life at a pace that burns you out or wears you down, you might find that your car battery is suddenly dead, or your electronic systems are all burning out or shutting down on you. These outer events may be nudges from your intuition to slow down before you cause harm to your physical body and can call you reestablish the balance you need for your health and well-being. Our sixth chakra reminds us that there are no coincidences in life and that what we experience in our outer life is always a reflection of something happening in our inner life. The more we connect with our sixth chakra the more quickly and clearly we will see these symbols and metaphors emerging from our intuition and guiding us toward greater consciousness as we activate our Soul wisdom to navigate our lives.

The sixth chakra is the balance point of our chakra system. First, it balances our inner life with our outer life and integrates our spiritual wisdom with our practical human knowledge and experience. It allows us to make choices from the level of our Soul and to activate and implement those choices using the focus of our third chakra logic and human will. As Einstein recognized in today’s quote, our western world has so overemphasized the power of the rational, the logical and the scientific, that we often mistrust, dismiss or fail to recognize at all the enormous power of our spiritual senses and our Soul wisdom. Too often we ignore our invisible spiritual senses because we can’t see, touch, measure or explain the source of this awareness. But if we are going to activate our upper triangle power as spiritual beings, we need to remember to operate from the crown down; meaning that we must learn to trust our sixth chakra mind or Soul wisdom to operate as our guide or navigator in life, and let our third chakra brain provide the focus, experience, know-how and drive to implement and act on the guidance we receive from that higher operating system.

The sixth chakra also brings into balance the masculine and feminine aspects of our being. Whether we are biologically male or female, we all have both masculine and feminine energy operating in our spiritual systems. Our masculine energy is tied to our left brain and to the right side of our body. It is active energy that pushes us into action—it is our “doing” energy. Our feminine energy is tied to our right brain and the left side of our body. It is receptive energy that provides space and time for the unfolding process of life—it is our “being” energy. Our personality types in our lower triangle tip our energy systems toward our masculine or feminine energies. Red and Yellow personalities are hardwired to operate in the active masculine energy and to focus on tasks, accomplishments and responsibilities, while Green and Orange personalities are hardwired to operate in the receptive feminine energy and to focus on being present in the moment and on cultivating relationships and connections. Regardless of our personality type, however, we have to pay attention to the balance between our masculine and feminine energies. Again, our western world conditioning pushes all of us toward the active energy of