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Create the Life You Imagine ~ June 2019

The Practice: Soul Connection: How do I stay in the stream of Universal Love?

In reclaiming the mystical, we take back our whole selves.

~ Marianne Williamson

Now that we have completed our overview of our higher operating system, we will spend some time over the next several weeks working through the power centers “from the crown down” so we can practice the process of actively living our lives inside the power and possibilities of our higher energy system. The activation of our higher operating system depends first and foremost on our commitment to cultivating that CONNECTION with our Soul and our Upper Triangle. Our Soul is our Mystical Self, our invisible Self, that is always in connection with the Divine Source or the God Energy and that always remembers why we are here and what our purpose is as we come into incarnation in this human life. It requires a fundamental shift in your awareness to activate this connection at the crown of your head and to let that connection be the real ground of your being, rather than operating from your lower triangle small self personality.

If you look at the right side of the image above you will see seven powers and seven shadows or vulnerabilities that are attached to each of the chakra centers. If we are going to power our life from the small self thinking of our Lower Triangle, we will almost always be operating on the shadow side of that pair of possibilities. For example, if we are operating in the first three lower triangle chakra centers from our small self thinking, we will most often be caught in the shadow patterns of our personality and will struggle habitually with fear, codependence and insecurity as we travel through life. But if we start our day by activating our seventh chakra connection to our Divine Power, we allow ourselves to flow down into that lower triangle as a Soul in connection with that Divine Energy Field, and then our personality will most often operate on the power side of those pairs of possibilities. When we animate our personality using the power of our Soul, we will approach life with Courage, a healthy sense of Community with others and a grounded sense of Confidence that we can make choices that are in alignment with our highest possibilities.

As we said last week, living from the upper triangle requires a true and authentic transformation; it requires that we stabilize our awareness in the more powerful upper triangle Soul self and surrender the lower triangle small self. When we draw that Soul energy down into our lower triangle personality, we activate and stabilize our personality by using our Soul power in our daily life. But instead of flowing from the crown down, most people operate from the level of the personality and try to use their personality to reach up and access their spiritual power. Playing as a personality in the Soul world will always be false and will surely land you in the shadow side of the upper chakras. When our personality is in the driver's seat, our connection to the Divine Energy will be fragile and fleeting and will often disappoint us, because it is conditioned on our small self personality getting what it wants to maintain its own fragile sense of safety, significance or status, and is not reflecting the authentic power or purity of the Soul. Our small self will move into the spiritual world in the shadow side of the upper triangle power centers. Our small self will engage with the spiritual life with a dogmatic judgmentalism, an attitude of escapism from the realities of life, and with an underlying core belief that we are all separate from each other and from the Divine. These are the shadow sides of the upper triangle and ultimately our small self personality will not gain sustainable access to our true spiritual power.

An example of the small self playing in the upper triangle might be how we approach our religious practice. If my faith tradition includes attending church, my small self might attend church regularly and sit in the front pew to gain the approval of my church community, to gain the status and moral high ground of a good church-goer, and to ensure that I get the answers to my prayers I think I deserve because I am rigidly following all the rules of my faith tradition. If I activate my faith tradition from the perspective of my Soul, however, I go to church to strengthen my connection to the invisible Mystery that transcends my human awareness, to join with a community of faithful to give witness to that Divine Power operating in the world, and to engage with the Divine with humility knowing that my small self needs the support and wisdom of a higher power in a “thy will be done” sense of surrender. When we operate in our spiritual lives from the Soul level, we activate the power of our higher chakras and find that life flows with a sense of Divine Connection, Consciousness and Creativity that transforms our personality life in a powerful, stable and sustainable way.

So as you practice making that Soul Connection, you might imagine a field of unlimited energy existing just above your head. That field of energy is pulsating with love and wisdom of the highest and purest vibration. That field of energy is not contaminated with all of the lower triangle shadow patterns and the messy human dramas that we are all aware of and sometimes painfully participating in, it is simply a stream of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power that holds your highest possibilities as a human being. Metaphorically, we want to plug into that energy field to charge and power our human life. We plug into that energy field by simply opening our awareness to this connection and allowing ourselves some time at the start of each day and periodically throughout the day to engage that connection. That connection can be activated by the question, “Who Am I?” Asking this question from the level of our Soul will help us plug in to our true identity. When we ask this question from our seventh chakra, the answer has nothing to do with our name, gender, race, age, job title or zip code. The seventh chakra answer to this essential question is this: “I am an emanation of the Divine Light and a vehicle for Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power—I am Love in action.”

If you look at religious artwork depicting holy figures and saints, you often see that halo of light over the head of the figure. This is the light of the Soul that the artist’s intuition recognizes as the symbol of Divine Power glowing over the head of the saint. These great Souls of history have often lived heroic and holy lives and have done so with a great sense of purpose and peace, even when they were confronting terrible difficulties and intense human trials. That light depicted by the halo is showing us that they are powering their lives from this connection with the Divine Light. When we make this connection, “the peace that passes all understanding” moves into our seventh chakra and flows down through the upper triangle and into our lower triangle. If we want to activate the limitless power of our Soul, we have to consciously make this connection each day and then clear out the lower triangle as much as we can to make space for that light to penetrate and shine through every cell of our being.

Carl Jung, the great twentieth century psychiatrist and spiritual teacher, said that the decisive question for the human being is this: are we related to something infinite or not? Our Soul will answer that question with a resounding yes and from that implicit and unshakable sense of connection everything in our life changes. If we are all connected to the Infinite, then we are all connected to each other. If we are all connected to the Infinite, then there is no death and we can live our lives in deep engagement with the power of the present moment. If we are all connected to the Infinite, then we can surrender the fear, anxiety and insecurity of the small self, knowing that in every moment of our lives we are connected to the power of the Divine and that no life circumstance can sever that connection. If we are all connected to the Infinite, then we can enter the stream of Universal Life and Love and that stream will transform, renew and restore our lives. If we are all connected to the Infinite, then we will surrender the small self illusion of separation and activate the power of our Soul and of the Divine Source, and then, like the saints of our great spiritual traditions, our beings and our lives will shine forth with that Divine Light.

Wishing you the blessings and light of the Soul, as you create the life you imagine.


Stepping Stones:

This week just focus on opening that seventh chakra connection to the Divine Source energy on a regular basis. This can be done as you start your day and as you end your day before falling to sleep. It can also be done in 5-minute breathing breaks or during a mindful walking break whenever your day gets stressful or when your small self starts creating anxiety or imbalances in your thinking or feelings. The power of a daily morning meditation practice is that we begin our day centering our energy and aligning with the energy of the Divine, and we draw that energy with us as we move through our day. It’s like taking a morning shower before going out into the world, as we take a spiritual shower to cleanse our energy system an