Create the Life You Imagine ~ June 2019

The Practice: Soul Expression—How do I express my deepest Self and my highest purpose?

“Every human being comes to the earth with sealed orders.”

~ Soren Kierkegaard

I love this quote from Kierkegaard because it reminds us of the enormous potential that each human life represents. When we flow from the crown down we remember that the limitless and eternal power of the Divine Source flows down to and through each one of us, and our sacred task as human beings is to activate and express that energy in a way that is uniquely and authentically ours. It has become a quintessential question of this age to ask, “What is my purpose?” Kierkegaard reminds us that our purpose is to unseal those sacred orders. Imagine that before you came into existence in this human lifetime your Soul was handed a letter explaining unambiguously why this human life experience you were about to begin matters, and what lessons you were first to learn, and then to teach and share with others. The letter might also have explained that because human beings learn their most important lessons through experience and self-discovery, the contents of this letter will be sealed from your awareness once you are born and your job will be to live your life with enough consciousness to REMEMBER why you are here—to unseal those orders that were written explicitly and particularly for you.

In his book, The Soul’s Code, Jungian psychologist James Hillman, taught about this set of orders from our Soul as the seed thought for each human being and proposed that the Soul, if given the opportunity, will assert itself even at an early age. Hillman argued that our Soul, this fundamental essence of our individuality, knows the code and is actively working within us from the time of our birth, shaping our lives in response to an internal blueprint that represents our unique cosmic fingerprint. Hillman reminds us through his work that each human life is an unfolding into that internal blueprint that takes time and awareness, just like a small and insignificant looking acorn, when planted in the right conditions, breaks open and unfolds over time into something that was unseen when we looked at that acorn—a massive and stately oak tree.

You might ask, why then does it seem so challenging for us to unseal these orders and to activate this code? The first answer to that question is that we all begin our lives through the developmental process that moves us through the lower triangle centers without any awareness of our Soul. Even those individuals we perceive to have evolved into great and powerful forces in the world, began life as an infant that had to learn to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk and eventually run. If you read the biographies of some of our great humans in history, their early life experiences and conditions often defy their ability and ours to explain logically how that great life emerged from that set of circumstances. These stories remind us that life is truly an evolutionary process and it begins at the beginning, immersed in the experience of being a human being who needs to grow and develop and learn through the conditions of human life. Sometimes those conditions seem perfectly suited to the Soul that is emerging, and sometimes those conditions seem completely contrary to the needs of the emerging Soul. But we have enough stories of people that emerge from even the most difficult human conditions to express their Soul’s purpose in a way that changes history, to be curious about what lies behind that veil of human awareness that moves us through the most challenging and difficult of our life experiences and pushes us toward expression of our unique hidden code.

Another reason it may be difficult to unseal our Soul’s orders is that our purpose may be bigger or our path more challenging than our human mind can imagine, and if we saw it all clearly from the start we frankly wouldn’t believe that we could muster up the internal or external resources to make it so. If you had to tell a caterpillar that it needed to get inside that cocoon and endure the decay and destruction of its form into some kind of degenerative soup that would mysteriously unlock a hidden genetic code for butterfly wings, it’s lack of experience or imagination would likely cause that caterpillar to refuse to enter into that magical transformational process and to say, “thank you very much but I will just continue crawling along here in the grass.”

Likewise, Irish poet David Whyte describes his sense that our Soul is always silently sneaking ahead of us and leading us into experiences designed for our own transformations, but if our human awareness knew the plan ahead of time and fully understood that our evolutionary path may involve enormous difficulties and human perils, we would put a stop to it as quickly as we could. The preeminent theologian, Huston Smith, used to say his favorite prayer was “let gentle light,” because he understood that our human personalities can only handle seeing what’s going to happen in just the next few steps on our path, and if you illuminated the entire journey of a human life we might all opt to just keep crawling along in the grass. Those of us who have lived long enough to have emerged through some significant transformation experiences, can look back and see how unwilling our younger selves might have been to take the journey if we had been provided with full informed consent and given the choice to proceed or not. But we also know from our experiences, the deep transformational power and the spiritual insight and wisdom that unfolded through our participation in the journey.