Create the Life You Imagine ~ July 2019

The Practice: Self Worth – How do I walk the path of the Soul?

“You don’t have to go to the mountaintop and study for ninety years. You don’t have to go to the ashram and chant your brains out. You must be a good, capable, responsible, thoroughgoing human being, and that’s how you walk the sacred path. It’s not about sweat baths; it’s not about drums. It’s about doing the hard work of living every day in a responsible, caring way.”

~ Paula Gunn Allen, Native American Poet, Professor and Activist

This quote by Paula Gunn Allen is a marvelous invitation into the work of our third chakra power center. As we continue to flow from the crown down, we move out of our heart center and down into our lower triangle personality. The work of being a spiritually conscious person in the world at this level is very practical work. It requires that you allow your Soul to come into expression as you walk through the everyday experiences of your real life while holding firmly onto your awareness of your True Self. As we reenter the lower triangle with our spiritual awareness active and intact, we transform our old lower triangle patterns and bring the full presence of our Soul into action in our lives and in the world. Now we can use the gifts of our personality, the power of our mind, the richness of our feelings and the animating power of our bodies to do our work in the world.

The words associated with this third chakra power are confidence, focus, clarity, integrity and commitment. The narrow opening at the top of the third chakra is a channel that brings our unique and ephemeral Soul into focus in a human body and personality; that spark of Divine Light that emerged from the fifth chakra funnel as our true essence moved into the heart center to be surrounded and fueled with the experience of Divine Love and compassion, and is now born into this human body and human experience. Our task is to remember that our Self-Worth flows from our Soul and as long as we consciously hold that thread that connects us to our Soul and intentionally use our life energy to live into that Divine essence, we will do our Divine work in this lifetime. If I continue to flow from the crown down, even as I move from my spiritual heart and into action in my human life, I maintain that sense of clarity, connection, wholeness, and integrity, and I am committed to moving into action from this grounded sense of Presence.

Too often, however, we move through our life not from the confidence of our Soul, but from the insecurity of our small self. The insecure ego stands behind a fortress of identity attachments and defenses.The small self will always overidentify with its roles and achievements, and thus feel like it is grasping for worthiness by seeking approval and admiration from others, or proving its worthiness through its resume, financial statement, accomplishments, acquisitions and other ordinary world successes. But in the inexorable process of satisfying the small self and pleasing the crowd, we risk losing our connection to that Divine thread and forgetting who we really are. You don’t have to look very far for examples of people that are wildly successful by the world’s standards and yet are miserable to the point of despair in a life that feels vacant and devoid of real meaning. So this is the slippery part about moving from the level of our Soul down into the lower triangle. We risk activating our small self patterns and shadow personality habits that can derail our ability to live with a sense of Divine Presence. It takes third chakra focus and awareness to maintain our connection with our Soul, and we have to be willing to grab that thread like a lifeline and move back up to the heart center to get rebalanced and to begin again, whenever we get tripped up in the lower triangle patterns.

As we move into our lower triangle, we also have to pay attention to the personality types associated with our human bodies. Our bodies are hard-wired with personality traits that I think are particularly suited to the lessons we came to learn and the purpose we came to fulfill. Understanding your personality type can help you see the strengths you bring to life that help you activate your Soul expression, as well as the shadow patterns that will get you stuck.

As a yellow personality I know that I have a very strong and active mind. I am intellectually curious and analytic by nature, quick to see patterns, responsible as a leader and always looking ahead for strategic solutions to life’s vexing problems. The shadow side of these gifts is its sometimes difficult to be present in the moment, to engage from my heart as well as my head, and to balance my needs against my instinctual pull to understand and solve all the problems I see and anticipate around me, especially for those I love.

Green personalities are intuitive and insightful about people and bring a keen sense of awareness about the emotional patterns moving around them as they make their way through the world. They lead with their hearts with creativity, spontaneity and passion, have a natural affinity for spiritual awareness and frequently remind us of the higher angels of our being. The shadow side of these gifts is the possibility of getting overwhelmed by the deep emotional awareness they bring to life, discouraged with the d