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Create the Life You Imagine ~ July 2019

The Practice: Self Esteem – How do I express my Soul in my relationships with others?

“Relationships and our ability to successfully navigate them are a key element of a successful life."

~ Carl Jung

In the third chakra, we let our Divine spark emerge from the heart center and into our mind, and then focused our energies on creating the right thoughts, beliefs and conditions to bring our Soul into expression. The third chakra work is solitary work. We get crystal clear about who we are and how we choose to use our life force, and then we practice a discipline of mind and an integrity of action that helps us to hold that thread of connection to our Soul. As we continue to flow from the crown down, we draw that mental clarity into our body and continue our work of expressing the power of our Soul through our second chakra. The second chakra is where we really embody our divine Self in our physical body and where we tap into our sense of vibrancy and aliveness. The words that go with this center are vitality, passion, connection, feeling, sensuality, sexuality and community. It is in this center that we come into authentic connection with life, with our bodies, with our feelings, and with our relationships. It is where we cultivate a deep sense of flow, presence, and engagement with the rich tapestry of people and experiences that are part of our life journey.