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Stepping Stones

The Call - Week Two

In the opening scene of the Wizard of Oz, we find Dorothy on a small farm in Kansas. The scene is in black and white with a touch of dreary. As Dorothy ambles around the farm with Toto feeling restless and discontent, she dreams of being Somewhere Over the Rainbow, imagining a life far away from her Kansas farm. These feelings of restlessness, of discontent, or of longing that percolate up from our deeper Self, mark the beginning of our spiritual journey. A part of us is longing for something deeper, richer, fuller, or more meaningful. A part of us is tired of the roles we are playing in our life and the ways we have become comfortable in patterns that may please others, or that keep life safe and predictable, but do not satisfy our deeper yearnings. A part of us is seeking a greater sense of meaning and connection in our lives and this is the call to begin our journey.

Weekly Stepping Stones

Where have you noticed a feeling of restlessness or discontent in your life in the past months or years? If you listen to your heart, what have you been secretly dreaming of or longing for in your life? What parts of you are waking up, changing, or asking you to give them attention?

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