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Stepping Stones

Dying to the Old - Week Two

Joseph Campbell was well known for his famous invitation to “follow your bliss.” This was not an invitation to chase a surface desire or the next shiny thing that attracts us at the personality level. This was an invitation to go deep inside our soul to find the source of the divine that lives within us, and then to find a way to express that energy in the world through our unique gifts and talents. Campbell taught that when we follow our bliss, when we align with our deepest purpose or our deepest joy, it is a pathway to the transcendent wisdom that lives within all of us; it is allowing the divine intelligence to bubble up through us. When we pursue our deep joy, our bliss, we come alive inside, and through our individual transformation we truly have the power to transform the world.

Weekly Stepping Stones

What would it mean to follow your bliss? What would you have to let go of in order to pursue your deep purpose? When do you experience a sense of deep alignment with the truest part of yourself? If you really allowed yourself to “follow your bliss” how do you imagine your life might change?

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