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Giving Thanks for Reds, Oranges, Yellows & Greens

As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, we might wonder how to thank the REDS, ORANGES, YELLOWS and GREENS in our lives:

REDS: Look past the practical and matter-of-fact manner of the red personalities and tell them that you love them and appreciate the ways they support you in their real world way. They change the oil in your car, organize the home and garage, manage the details of life and plan ahead for retirement. They do these things without drama or fanfare, but let them know you notice and appreciate the ways they bring safety, structure and a plan to manage the chaos of life. They aren’t comfortable with a lot of emotional fuss, but give them a hug anyway and thank them for all they do.

ORANGES: We may forget to thank the oranges in our lives because they are so consistently taking care of others that it's easy to take them for granted.They train the people they love to expect all the ways they offer support and care on a daily basis as just another day in the world of an orange. But on this special day, take a few moments to stop and tell them that you notice all the little things they do to create a feeling of family, warmth, love and connection. They have undoubtedly planned the meal, invited the guests and planned for the fun. They bring people together and put others first, but they want to feel appreciated for what they give and for all they do. Bring them some flowers, a card, or another happy gift to recognize all they do for those they love.

YELLOWS: Yellow personalities bring their problem solving mind and their eye for improving the future to their relationships. Their logical and analytical planning and continuous improvement thinking can get in the way of feeling connected and present in the moment to those they love. Yellows have a hard time accepting compliments and don’t like to be in the center of an emotional spotlight, but like all of us they want to feel appreciated for their sense of duty and responsibility for those they love. Don’t get fooled by their cool, independent demeanor. Let your yellow loved ones know that you appreciate the way they watch the big picture of life and their instinct to protect those they love, and invite them to put their thinking and planning on pause and enjoy the present moment.

GREENS: Greens may be the easiest of all types to engage in authentic conversations and emotional expressions. They crave depth and connection and have a deep reservoir of passion for life and for those they love. But don’t show up with the hallmark rhyming card, show up authentically present and ready to engage in the day. Start with a real hug and a meaningful and creative gesture to let them know you love them for all they ways they look for beauty and connection in the world. Bring their favorite food, a bottle of good wine, a bouquet of flowers, or a game to create fun, laughter and play. It's the experience of being in the moment with the people they love that feeds their hearts and souls.

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